A report detailing the campaign activity to raise awareness of and engagement with the 2022 Election has been published today, coinciding with Vote.je’s call for more focus group participants to help shape future election campaigns.

The Election 2022 Campaign Report includes detail of all the activity conducted in the lead-up to the election; from encouraging people to stand as candidates, to information about changes to the system for voters, as well as manifestos from the candidates and details of where and how to vote.

To help identify opportunities to drive up voter engagement in future elections and throughout the political term, Islanders are being asked to share their views and experiences of elections and voting in Jersey. Following two very successful focus groups conducted earlier this month, Vote.je is inviting Islanders to participate in the next round, being conducted in partnership with Nottingham Trent University.

Participants will be asked to share their thoughts about politics in Jersey and how they may or may not have engaged with elections in the past. The next batches of focus groups will be held between 30 November to 2 December; 7-9 December; and 11-14 January 2023. Participants will be rewarded with vouchers for a local retailer or hospitality outlet of their choice at the equivalent value to the living wage.

Dr Christopher Pich, senior lecturer and independent researcher at Nottingham Trent University, is leading the research with Vote.je. Dr Pich has carried out studies on voter engagement, political marketing and political branding in several other jurisdictions and is looking forward to continuing discussions with Islanders. He explained – “It is clear from the initial focus groups that the voter experience in Jersey is complex and dynamic. The majority of participants to date believe voting is incredibly important, however several were cynical that voting brings about any ‘real change’. Many who participated suggested the introduction of an Island-wide education programme to clarify the political system and emphasise the importance of voting to strengthen long-term engagement.”

Head of Digital and Public Engagement, Jenny O’Brien, said: “Our priority remains to help engage Islanders throughout the political cycle so that by the next election in 2026, people have a broader understanding of our unique system and how their views can be represented.

“We want to hear from a wide range of Islanders and can provide translators, where required. All views are welcome, and we are especially keen to hear from people who chose not to vote in June 2022, as well as those who have never voted in a Jersey election.”

Islanders can register to take part by visiting Vote.je or calling Chris on 0115 848 3862.