Every time the States Assembly meets, it makes decisions that affect all of us on a day-to-day basis. States Members agree on how much tax we each pay, and what that tax is used for. This includes deciding how much gets deducted to from your pay cheque through the ITIS system; how much GST you pay in shops and when ordering online; and how much a pint of beer or a bottle of wine costs.

The States Assembly decides how much to invest in education, and how many hours of free nursery education each child has. They oversee rules and regulations about car use, about how we use our road networks, and levels of parking in St Helier. 

The States Assembly also makes decisions what will affect Islanders for decades to come. They decide on Jersey’s approach to population and migration; they will agree how we should look after our natural environment; and how a new hospital will help us look after people who are unwell. 

There are lots of ways  that you can get involved in politics and have your say in the decisions that States Members make. But the starting point is making sure that the States Members who are making this decision share your point of view, and will represent what you want life in Jersey to look like. You can only do this if you’re registered to vote and vote via postal vote before election day or via a Polling Station on election day. 

You can contact your Parish Hall to check if you’re on the electoral register, and therefore if you are eligible to vote.