Our Community and Our Future

I have decided with the support and encouragement of family and friends to put my name forward for re-election as Senator. I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to serve my Island and our community in a number of official capacities since I gave up a successful business career to seek election as Deputy in 2005.

Since 2008 I have held the role of Minister for Economic Development during the most severe global financial crisis imaginable. During that challenging time I have taken difficult decisions (including more officially recorded decisions than virtually any Minister) and although I have made some mistakes I have consistently delivered positive results for Islanders.

At the heart of Government policy must be the needs and aspirations of Islanders. 

My priorities are to control the cost of Government.  Accelerate the Reform of the Public Sector. To create incentives and remove unnecessary bureaucracy to drive economic growth to pay for services

Some Achievements

Transformed the Economic Development department by:

  • Integrating the Harbour and Airport  to substantially reduce operating overheads and improve services
  • Completed the project to prove the case for incorporation  ensuring taxpayers are no longer called upon to fund the Ports
  • Develop new routes and grow existing ones such as Gatwick with the introduction of easyjet
  • Created Jersey Business to support and develop small and medium size businesses
  • Created Digital Jersey to promote and develop a digital sector
  • Established Locate Jersey (LJ) to drive Inward Investment critical to diversification of the economy. In 2014 alone LJ have helped 33 new businesses establish themselves creating 310 job opportunities
  • Established the £5m Innovation Fund to stimulate innovation, business growth and job creation
  • The Tourism industry is being rejuvenated and a new marketing approach developed with the creation of Visit Jersey following the appointment of a Shadow Board and their recommendations
  • The Life Guard service was completely redesigned, against stiff opposition, removing the Australian lifeguards and appointing the RNLI. The result a greatly improved service at a lower cost that now recruits almost all lifeguards locally and exports many to patrol the Australian beeches during our winter.
  • We completely redesigned the CI lottery creating the largest sum ever raised for good causes last year: £680,000 (£250,000 more than ever before).
  • In 2015 I have targeted lottery profits of £1m and to extend the scope of organisations that benefit from these funds to include heritage and culture



There is much more to do, these elections and the next few years will be critical. Determination and a willingness to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions in the public interest will be essential.  I believe I have the leadership qualities and vision to help secure a strong future for our Island and our whole community. I therefore ask for one of your votes on 15th October

About me

I am married with two young sons (8&4) and have had the pleasure of living in this wonderful Island since I was a little boy.