I was born into a St. Martin family of several Jersey generations. As a family we moved to St. Ouen when I was 16. I was educated at St. Martins Elementary School and De La Salle College. I worked on the family farm before going on to work for a master builder. In 1974 I started my own business buying standing crops then harvesting and shipping the to the UK markets.

I was taught the value of hard work and saving up for the bad times whilst retaining traditional family values and a respect of fundamental religious principles. I am very fortunate to be married to a very supportive wife, Sue. We are very proud of our three grown up children and our two grandchildren. I am an active member of St. Ouen’s Honorary Police and a member of the National Trust for Jersey. I have represented Jersey in clay shooting and rugby.

My priorities are:

  • To stem the flow of taxpayers’ money that has been wasted through gross mismanagement, lack of proper planning and inept schemes.
  • To lower GST and avoid further taxes.
  • To get the 1500 unemployed back to work
  • To make legal highs illegal
  • To investigate why children are becoming depressed and taking their own lives
  • To sweat blood and tears to get us back on to an even keel whereby each member of the community will have a share of a prosperous cake
  • To introduce a secure system of electronic voting alongside the present system to attract younger voters
  • To support a more complete secondary school education system with less ‘ologies’ and more skills being taught.
  • Immigrants should come here to work not to claim from the state. Much more immigration control is needed to ensure more employment for locals.


If elected I shall do my best to uphold the rights of the individual when confronted by an oppressive bureaucracy and will do everything possible to represent the interests of those who face unfairness.

In the Parish of St. Ouen:

There are 75 applicants awaiting sheltered housing. Using my proven negotiation and development skills I hope to work hard with the Parish to fill the needs of applicants with Parish connections.

I would like to become even more fully and usefully involved with Parish affairs. I wish to give full support to sports and social clubs, especially those encouraging youth participation. I also wish to become much more involved in the community centre.

Regardless of whatever duties I may be asked to fulfilling the States, the Parish will remain my priority. Money has never been my main incentive, it is an unfortunate appendage to success – money just makes us unequal.