I am a young, driven individual who has been dissatisfied with island politics for several years. I attended VictoriaCollege and have an LLB (Honours) Degree from Edinburgh University. Jersey has been my home since 2002, having been born in Scotland.

Times are hard in Jersey these days. Declining living standards, record unemployment, swelling population, disconnected officials, voter apathy, increasing taxation and squandered finances. These issues affect everyone inJersey, yet show no immediate signs of improvement. Genuine and transparent change is needed for the island to return to its former prime. Over 70% of respondents described the current Council of Ministers as “terrible” (JEP 13/09/14). Only by replacing them will this (un)shocking statistic improve. The time for change is now.

If elected I will donate 10% of my monthly salary to local charitable causes, chosen by you on my Facebook page. Accountability and transparency are essential in government, yet many argue these qualities are distinctly lacking inJersey politics. After every States vote therefore, I will upload a video to YouTube publicly explaining my decisions.

I am the only Senatorial candidate who has campaigned for cannabis legalisation. This alone would reduce spending (taxes) on policing, whilst freeing up the courts and prison from non-violent, victimless ‘criminals’. Families are being torn apart because of the law and not the plant. I have personally met with several islanders whose various medical conditions can be alleviated and even cured by cannabis.

Our current politicians actively ignore the overwhelming scientific and economic evidence to support this. Sick people must not be made to suffer because of politician’s stubbornness or ignorance. The States Chamber needs those with the courage to speak truthfully on this matter.

With the stroke of a pen, we could increase tourism, boost agriculture, create jobs, help the sick and diversify the economy. The World Health Organisation and Global Commission on Drug Policy agree that prohibition is an ‘unwinnable war’, which ruins more lives than it saves. Under my proposal supplying cannabis to minors would remain illegal. The use of legal highs, which have hospitalized islanders and even caused death, must be discouraged and a new approach is needed to tackle them.

Agriculture is entrenched in Jersey’s history, but the once dominant industry is threatened now by overdevelopment and swelling population. Apartments replacing allotments cannot continue forever. I support protecting Jersey’s green and agricultural spaces to reduce reliance on outside forces for basic sustenance. Produce from those protecting Jersey’s rich soil by farming organically should be free from GST, so the crops will flourish for generations.

I will actively campaign for:
Tax breaks for the self-employed
Elections for Chief Minister
Removal of GST on local organic produce & children’s clothing
Homosexual marriage recognition

I will oppose:
Any increase in GST
Cannabis prohibition
Increasing/’maintaining’ the island’s recently created debt
Bloated bureaucracy
Excessive government spending and intrusion in our lives

I do not own shares in anything, therefore I cannot personally gain from any decisions made or contracts granted by the States.