I am passionate about this district, where five generations of my family have lived and worked, and am delighted to call it home. I want to use my legal and business skills to bring a common sense, pragmatic and honest voice to the States Chamber, with the aim of improving the lives of the people in our district and the Island as a whole.




I believe that all residents of our district have the right to feel safe in their homes and public spaces of St. Helier.  If elected, I will work closely with the Police, Honorary Officers, the Health Department and Shelter Trust to develop an effective local strategy to counter drugs and alcohol abuse, violent offences and dangerous driving, which have led to tragic deaths within our district.


St. Helier 3 & 4 deserves the increased investment that has benefited other districts within the Parish. The coming years will see significant States capital projects taking place in our district, including the hospital and waste treatment works redevelopment. I shall endeavour to ensure that these projects do not have a detrimental effect on the daily lives of residents and that funds are secured to improve community services and reinvigorate public spaces.


We have the potential to build a strong, inclusive community, where the opportunity to voice opinions about local issues is given to all. I pledge to work with the existing First Tower Community Association and establish a West of Town Community Association to bring together residents and businesses from Cheapside, Rouge Bouillon, The Parade, Gloucester Street and adjacent areas to better understand their issues.




Increasing taxes impacts negatively on those who are already struggling with rising rent or mortgage payments, utilities bills, food costs and other debts. Instead, the States must take decisive action to reduce public sector costs. I am not proposing putting essential health care and education at risk, but a careful examination of administrative and management costs should take place. I will not support any increase in the current rate of GST.


I want to ensure that all Islanders are given the opportunity to excel, whether academically or through new vocational training.  A primary concern is ensuring that all GCSE level students are achieving adequate grades in mathematics and English language skills. Additionally I will ask the Education Department to commit to carrying out OECD approved testing to ensure our education system is ranked on a worldwide scale.


A diverse economy is a strong economy; one that provides increased employment, investment in the Island and eases the tax burden on residents. I want to work with Economic Development to encourage entrepreneurial growth of the Island’s Digital, FinTech and Tourism industries. If elected, I will support a review of regulatory controls which discourage small business from starting-up, employing workers and contributing to the Island’s economy.

My full manifesto, covering additional policy areas, can be downloaded from www.christianmay.je