I have lived and worked in St Helier District one for thirty years.

I will have an office in town so that I am available to offer help and advice to my constituents.

Why today with so much expertise and technology is it that we cannot produce a system that can deliver good quality services and a government that we can completely trust?

The answer to this question and to every other problems that we face is the lack of government accountability.

Many think of the finance world as having it all there own way but you will find similar frustrations even there. When bad decisions are made the consequences ripple across every area of life.

The answer lies in the fact that we have a hierarchal system of government, not a democracy. Because and unless we have a totally accountability government, a small number of people can defend their interest by manipulating the information that is released making a democracy impossible. For those that step out of line the guillotine is waiting and we all have seen this. As for the other representation that try to do something they have to rely on the scraps that the top table offer.  Miserable to watch and listen to.

I have given the solution of financial transparency so many times before but it has been ignored.

So why is it that the 30% that vote do not support transparency, which is another word for supporting truth?

Because the voter do not trust life to deliver. When it comes to putting the X on the box you don’t trust the truth to look after your investments or wages. But truth is naturally imbedded in life and life can only expand. This why you can trust the truth every time.

What am I going to do for you? SET YOU FREE. I am going to transform this government. My focus will be transparency which will change the dynamic in which our government operates so that everyone feels free to excel as individuals and those that drive the economy, small and large businesses and employees are not impeded. We can then have good quality services that actually work without interference from people that know not what they do. Transparency will deliver this coupled with my skilful knowledge.

I have the necessary skills to do this in a firm but co-operative way. Most do not really understand that this present system can only change from the bottom up. The top table is actually helpless because of fear. So it is left to us to save the day. I can do this with intellect that will unite the house and society. We must change.

This is one family called Jersey. We must reflect this not by our words but by our actions. Please join me for what I think will be the most joyful experience you will encounter.