Jersey suffered during the economic recession and any analysis of the global economy indicates it is not all over yet.

Hardest hit have been low and middle wage earners and I think they need a break, especially as more spending money will help boost the local economy. In addition to adjusting the base income tax thresholds, I would like to see an introductory 10% tax rate.

It is also obvious that raising alcohol prices has had no impact on “problem drinkers”, but IS progressively ruining our local hospitality trade and damaging Tourism. GST on alcohol is sufficient.

Jersey voters also need to assess the “stealth taxes” being imposed by our local utilities. I would prefer cheaper charges across the board and end multi-million pound “dividends” paid into Treasury, only to be squandered by the States.


I was astonished to learn that Jersey now has over 7,000 public employees. How has this happened, when the current deficits demonstrate this is not sustainable?

The answer is that we were promised a “Rolls-Royce civil service” and like most Roll-Royce vehicles – it has become too expensive to run.

To cut back there will be pressure on numbers and salaries which should not fall on non-management staff. In the short term, any pay freezes should start with the highest salaries and work down.


For years we have enjoyed some of the highest quality education in the British Isles, but we now discover that British standards compare poorly internationally. This needs to be addressed urgently.

I also consider that a wider “drop-off envelope” and later class start times for Town based secondary schools could bring a dramatic conclusion to morning traffic congestion.


I favour a preventative approach, with regular health checks to catch illness early, backed up with first class treatment for those that do fall ill. I would continue with free prescriptions and additionally look at what might be done to improve or subsidise access to dental care.


I want to help HOME BUYERS by removing the stamp duty levy from purchasers. If anyone is to pay stamp duty, it is the person holding the big cheque – the seller.


Firstly, stop building on revenue earning States property. The Gas Place car park used to earn over £300K each year. Now, with that money lost, the Town Park represents MINUS £400K a year.



Jersey must get a grip on population control. The longer we wait, the tougher the measures will have to be. However, a level of immigration must continue for skills that cannot be provided locally.


To protect land space Jersey should consider a new reclamation scheme that could radically improve links to France, offer a 24/7 access yacht marina and “offshore” housing. In due course this could offer a cruise ship berth and additional port facilities


It is time to initiate action on marine based energy and other renewable energy sources.


Hope not!