Parish Issues

Education and Young People 

As Centenier and editor of ‘La Baguette’, I have forged excellent links with St. Brelade Youth Project, and will continue to support the club.

Les Quennevais School is overcrowded. Growing numbers of schoolchildren in primary education will increase pressure and needs urgent addressing.

I fully support the idea of a Youth Parliament as proposed by a St. Brelade student. We must respect and listen to young people’s views.

With two children of my own I am concerned that the island needs fresh direction if we are to fulfil our children’s aspirations.

Housing and Development 

An ageing population requires better care in the community and improved access to services.

Young families are our future. Careful redevelopment of established Parish sites and vacant land within built up areas is needed to provide first time buyer homes and social housing.

I pledge to protect our precious coastal landscape and valuable green spaces.


I will support creating tenants and residents associations in Les Quennevais area estates to better address social, traffic and other concerns.

Les Creux and Les Quennevais Precinct have proven successful with recycling facilities. I will find further suitable sites, also opportunities to dispose of white goods, electrical and other domestic items locally to reducing fly-tipping.

A second allotment site is urgently needed. With my experience in establishing the first in St Brelade and now other Parishes, I am uniquely placed to progress this important community amenity.

“I have a passionate regard for the quality of life in our community as a result of 20 years Honorary service, active involvement in many community matters, and from living and working in St. Brelade which has been my home for over 32 years.”

Island Issues


I will continue to support our finance industry as so much of our economy depends on it particularly with the jobs it creates.

Small businesses are burdened by “One size fits all” legislation. I will campaign for more appropriately tailored legislation.

Zero hour contracts can be useful, but loopholes that allow abuse must be removed. Businesses need training allowances so not to be disadvantaged.

States spending must be brought under control,  squandering must stop


GST must remain as low as possible. I oppose ‘Property Tax’ proposals designed to replace the Parish rates system with an island rate set by the Treasury Minister.


Uncontrolled population increases demands on infrastructure – roads, housing, schools, electricity, water. The islands resources are finite. We need less wastage of resources generally together with robust re-training and succession management programmes to stem population growth.


Electronic systems of voting are crucial if ‘Digital Jersey’ is to appear credible.

Adopting a single transferable voting system ensures fairer results, avoiding distortions in multimember constituencies.

About Jeff

Jeff is married to Caroline and they have two children. He is Managing Director of a local web-development company. He is a Parish Centenier and also founder/editor of the Parish Magazine and Co-ordinator of the Parish in Bloom team.