A POSITIVE VOICE for Education, Wellbeing, and Community

I am standing in this election as I feel it is important that all sectors of the community in St Saviour are adequately represented in the States.

I have a compassionate, inclusive and fair outlook on life.  I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference to the lives of children.  Now I wish to make a difference on a wider scale, as a Deputy representing the people of St Saviour.

Parish Policies

Traffic/parking – I will aim to effectively facilitate solutions.  The safety of children needs to be a priority, as does the right for residents of the area to park nearby and access their properties.

Environment – I will protect the Parish from over-development and strive to maintain areas of natural beauty.

Building a strong community – I will work to decrease the isolation that some pensioners, young parents and other groups feel by creating links between different sectors of the community.  Setting up a Community Support Team will be a priority.  I believe that events such as markets, fairs and street parties are a vital part of community life and would work to establish more of these in St Saviour.

Island policies

· Education – Engaging with teachers and cherry-picking the best practice from around the world.  Focusing on children’s needs and teaching them skills for life.  Giving them the tools they need to contribute to Jersey’s economy and build the best future they can.

· Child-care and family support – Support from pregnancy and beyond. High-quality, affordable childcare.

· Mental health – To reduce stigma and prevent problems developing through education. To provide faster, more effective treatments.

· Equality –  The gender pay gap needs to close.  Parents should have access to shared parental leave and flexible working terms. I am in favour of equal marriage whilst allowing churches to maintain their religious freedom.

· Employment – Employment opportunities and job security for locals.  I am against the misuse of zero-hours contracts and would like to see a ban on exclusivity clauses within these.

· Economic wellbeing –  Standing up for the pressured middle-income families and individuals who have been struggling for too long. I believe that home-ownership should be achievable for all who work hard.  We need to diversify our economy and I support Digital Jersey.  The Social Security system is too complex and needs reviewing.

· Population – Placing careful controls on population growth through a quota system will enable those who will be an asset to the island’s economy and community to be welcomed into Jersey.

· Taxes – In the short-term, if taxes need to be raised to plug a deficit then I would support progressive taxation so the burden falls on those who have the means to pay.  I am opposed to any rise in GST.

If elected I will always remember that my job is to represent YOU, the people of St Saviour 2. 

Please visit my campaign website at www.facebook.com/LouiseDoubletJersey for my full manifesto.