My name is Mary Osmond and I am standing as a candidate for St Helier 3 /4 district.

I am Jersey born and educated finishing my school life at Hautlieu. I am married to Sam, my greatest supporter, I have 2 children and 2 grandsons, and I am a member of St Luke’s Church.

I am passionate about care in the community and our beautiful Island’s uniqueness.

Although I am retired my working life began at Jersey Telecoms as a ‘100’ operator. I went on to work on the switchboard at Midland Bank but moved up to the Trust Corporation and began a 20 year career in finance.

My many roles in the parish have been as a member of the Honorary Police for 6 years and I know the Honorary system very well. I am also a community volunteer for the Parish of St Helier assisting with the elderly in the community.

I was a trustee of Roseneath for many years which alerted me to some of the social issues in our Island. Up to and after its closure in 2011 I had to deal with politicians and civil servants.

In 2004 I was the first female chairman of the Jersey Christmas appeal which gave me a real insight into those much less fortunate than myself.

My main objective if elected is the care in the community for which I believe I am well qualified.

Many residents have worries about pensions and benefits and I would like to help them understand their entitlement and provide surgeries where they can come and voice their concerns, which may also include such issues as substandard housing conditions.

I will always listen to the many concerns of residents in this district, young and old, and where possible, try to resolve them.

One of my main concerns is the parking in St Helier which has, I believe been made more difficult with the introduction of residents’ parking. The scheme itself is a good one but needs lots more thought and care for those visiting St Helier to shop or see family and friends.  I would like to head up a working party to try to resolve the various issues about parking in St Helier.

Many residents complain of speeding in St Helier and as an Honorary officer, I have seen this first-hand. The placing of speed detection devices around our parish highlight the problem. The statistics show that excessive speeds are endangering lives and perhaps the States should consider addressing this issue sooner rather than later.

Island-wide I would like to see a community that is catered for on all levels regardless of age or nationality. The recently adopted Discrimination Law should help those who feel marginalised but I would like to see our island embrace our various cultures and strive to work together for the good of all.

If you want someone to listen to you and try to change things for the good and wellbeing of all, then please give me your vote.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Mary Osmond