Home Grown Variety

I’m a St.Breladais born and bred. I currently live in the house in which I spent my childhood

My background and training is in the marine industry.  I am proprietor of a boatyard and chandlery shop in St.Aubin.

I experienced a great deal and have learned much during my term in office as Connétable of St.Brelade between 2005 and 2011 and as Minister of Transport and Technical Services for 3 years. I have demonstrated an ability to make difficult decisions and to deliver complex projects.

And What Will I Do In This Area Of The Parish?

If elected, I shall continue to use my best efforts to ensure that St.Brelade No 1 remains the pleasant place to live that we currently enjoy.

I shall give active support to the Clubs and Societies in No 1 district and encourage their future development.

I shall support and encourage recruitment to the Honorary Police.

I consider we must make far more effort to help those leaving school fulfil their chosen career paths whether it be through further education or in acquiring vocational skills.

I shall seek to alter parking management at St.Aubin by bringing it under one authority.

I shall listen to the residents and businesses in St.Brelade’s bay and St.Aubin.

I shall invite suggestions on how to improve and make roads and paths safe for walkers and cyclists within the district.

I shall watch for inappropriate over development and ensure neighbours receive due respect in the planning process.

What Will I do In the Island as a Whole?

If elected, I shall support the delivery of healthcare fit for the 21st Century

I shall support the raising of standards in our schools and support young people with their aspirations.

I shall ensure the value of pensions is safeguarded.

I shall support enhanced care of the elderly.

I shall support our Heritage and the arts.

I shall support investment in our roads and infrastructure.

I shall support diversification of our economy.

I shall support prudent investment in our finance, tourism and agricultural industries.

I shall support investment in our waste strategies to comply with the latest environmental standards.

I shall focus on reducing excessive States expenditure and strongly resist any taxation increases.

I shall encourage a revision of the licencing laws which are no longer fit for purpose.

I shall ensure strict adherence to immigration policies whilst recognising genuine business need.

I shall be conscious of world events and the effects of extremism.

What I Won’t Do!

I will not support development on green fields.

I will not support anti-social behaviour.

I will not support complex GST exemption schemes which will lead to an increase in the rate.

I will not support long debates in the States on reform. These achieve nothing and prevent members engaging in meaningful duties.

Aspirations in the States

My primary responsibility, should I be honoured to be elected Deputy, would be to St.Brélade No 1 district.