In the past six years, I have worked hard to deliver my manifesto pledges, including delivering improvements in housing standards and legal aid reforms. I am currently serving on the Access to Justice review, to provide Jersey with an accessible and affordable justice system. If re-elected, I wish to continue this work as well as focusing on the areas below.



A strong, sustainable and diversified economy is key for the success of Jersey and the well being of its residents. I will promote investment in tourism and cultural events, as well as supporting a transparent, ethical and sustainable finance sector as the backbone of our economy.


A priority for Reform Jersey is to reduce unemployment and tackle the high cost of living. We support the introduction of a ‘Living Wage’, higher than the minimum wage, so that people can live without relying on income support. We support more help for working parents and will push for a full 26 weeks statutory maternity leave, so that family life is given the support that it needs. There must be a focus on vocational training for young people. We are committed to tackling the inappropriate use of zero-hour contracts.


I wish to ensure that all children, no matter what their background or financial means, get access to a quality level of education. I am keen to promote early years learning of modern languages and improve primary school maths teaching. We must also do more to encourage life-long learning.


Without our health, we have nothing. Many do not visit the GP when they need to because of cost. I will push for free GP visits and more affordable dentistry. It is unacceptable that our aging residents often have to wait so long for operations. This needs more investment to reduce waiting times. I will fight for improvements in mental health care and better provision for those with a disability and for their carers.

Public Services and Taxation

I will oppose any cuts to services that will hurt the vulnerable and those on low/fixed incomes, including pensioners. Reform Jersey candidates will oppose any increase in GST. If spending does need to increase, it is important that it does not hit ‘middle Jersey’.

We must look at progressive methods of taxation, including the restructuring of social security contributions: if contributions were actually levied at a flat rate, without a cap on earnings, a lower rate of 5% could be applied, benefiting the vast majority, whilst yielding an extra £7.5 million a year.

St Brelade

I pledge to work with the Constable and new deputies to maintain the unique beauty and community of our parish. I will oppose inappropriate development and push for a sustainable population policy for the island.


Constables play an important role is island life. However, the roles of municipal head and being a politician are two separate jobs and should entail two separate elections. As such, I will be voting ‘no thanks’ on 15 October.