Dear Electors, 

More than ever Jersey needs States Members with ability, experience, commitment and a clear vision for the future.

The island needs elected representatives who have the courage to make decisions.  Some decisions are difficult but need to be made in the best long-term interests of all islanders.

We need people who understand the local issues but who also understand Jersey’s position in the world and are capable of representing us internationally.

Over the last 15 years I hope that I have proven my ability to meet these criteria.  I have successfully handled some of the most complex and challenging issues we have ever faced as an Island.


In particular, I have:

  • Balanced budgets through a period of unprecedented global economic turmoil
  • Increased the value of our long-term strategic reserve by over 50% through this period
  • Delivered £60 million in recurring annual efficiency savings
  • Rebuilt our reputation with international finance ministers in the UK and around the world
  • Led the investment in our digital future
  • Achieved international endorsement through a AA+ credit rating
  • Delivered funding for social and affordable housing
  • Fast-tracked funding for urgently needed social projects, including new mental health facilities
  • Supported successful job creation programs thereby lowering unemployment


Initially as a St Helier Deputy and then for two terms as a Senator, I have been privileged to serve in a number of roles to the best of my ability.  Some may not have agreed with every decision that I have led, but I have always consulted, taken advice and worked as a team.

Best known for my economic and fiscal work, I am passionate about a lot more: reforming healthcare, the education of our youth and the protection of our heritage and environment.


I will continue to work hard and listen, and always take decisions that are in the best interests of Jersey. A lot has been achieved but there is more to do.  My detailed policies are set out on my website I will be focused on:

  1. Securing economic diversification through re-energising tourism and developing the fast growing digital sector
  2. Delivering economic growth through supporting business and our financial services industry
  3. Reforming and safe-guarding both public and private pensions
  4. Securing a new fairer deal for the residents of St Helier
  5. Modernising the delivery of government services through eGov
  6. Delivering more affordable, well-designed homes while preserving green spaces
  7. Increasing the spending power of Islanders by lowering the cost of living
  8. Supporting the creation of sustainable jobs for local residents
  9. Reforming the education system so that every young person can reach their full potential
  10. Continuing to promote long-term planning and teamwork in the States


I have the experience, dedication and energy to achieve this vision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.