Having served as the Deputy for St Helier No. 2 for just 6 months, I am now asking the voters to put their trust in me for a full term to represent their interests in the States.

In March I promised voters that if I was elected I would hit the ground running and be an effective States Member from day one. I believe I have kept this promise as I have asked more questions and lodged more propositions than many States Members have in 3 years.

I have used my time in the States to speak up for the vulnerable and pressure the Council of Ministers to do more to help ordinary residents who are struggling to get by.

The one thing I have learnt in the States is that you cannot achieve anything by yourself, you have to work as a team. That is why I am standing as a candidate for Reform Jersey, so that I can be part of an effective team for change that works together for the benefit of Jersey, rather than shouting from the sidelines.


Policies –

Cost of Living 

Reform Jersey will oppose any rise in GST and support any measure to remove it from food and utility bills. If there are to be tax rises, they should fall on the islands most wealthy, not low earners or the squeezed middle.

We support the introduction of a ‘Living Wage’, higher than the minimum wage, enough for someone to live off without having to rely on income support.


Getting unemployment down must be the government’s top priority. The States must support local businesses and attract new businesses to the island. There must be a focus on training locals for skilled work, rather than automatically importing labour.

We support a crackdown on the inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts, which cause unnecessary stress and insecurity for families struggling to pay their bills.

Public Services

I will oppose cuts to public services that will hurt the vulnerable and those on low incomes. Our Social Security service must be made more simple and user-friendly so that its services can be better targeted at those islanders who need help.


I believe that it is wrong that people should have to pay to see a doctor when they are sick. Every islander should have free access to a GP.

Jersey’s mental health service is failing vulnerable islanders and needs a massive overhaul.

States Reform

Any reform of the States must be based on principles of fairness. There should be one category of States Member elected in equal sized constituencies based on population. The Constables should continue to run the Parishes, but should not automatically be members of the States.

St Helier 

St Helier must be protected from overdevelopment. We are already the most densely populated Parish. I have supported efforts to protect green space at Springfield and will oppose the proposed development at Gas Place. Instead, I support extending the Millennium Park with an underground car park.