Sean Power first came to all our attention 11 years ago before he was ever in the States when he fought to save that much loved Emeraude Ferries, the little French ferry company that ran between St. Malo and Jersey and Guernsey.

Last year, he fought to save Huelin Renouf Shipping. He introduced new shareholders who enabled the continuance of lift-on lift-off shipping to the Channel Islands with the launch of Channel Island Lines. He also believes in developing stronger trade links through shipping to France with Brittany and Normandy.

He works hard and he has served as both Assistant Minister and Housing Minister over almost a three year period. He started the Housing Transformation Programme and that work was recently culminated in the formation of Andium Homes.

Some States Members tend to avoid anything to do with planning. In the very difficult role of being a member of the Planning Applications Panel, Sean has chaired that for the past three years.  He has embraced difficult roles within the States and carried them out successfully. He is very independent but has proven he can work in a team and he has shown he can lead.

He has a strong track-record of serving the public and his nine years serving the Parish of St. Brelade taught him well.  He topped the poll three times.  He is sure his experience out west will serve him well, if elected island wide.

Middle Income Jersey needs a strong voice in the States Assembly. This is the group of hard-working tax-paying, law-abiding citizens that pay most of the island’s tax and are under the greatest amount of pressure.  They need protecting and he holds the very strong view that they should not be asked to pay any more tax.

The grey economy and the cash-in-hand economy needs to be tackled and controlled.  Population and Migration must be managed better. If you come to Jersey, you must have a job, pay tax, obey the law and be useful member of island life.

He is also:

Vice-president of the JSPCA and visits the Animal Shelter every Monday and Thursday.

Co-founder and Vice-Chair of Caring Hands, the charity that runs Sanctuary House for men in St. Brelade and St. Peter.

Chairman of Stepping Stones Jersey, a recovery house for men living together recovering from alcohol abuse;

States appointed member of the Jersey Community Relations Trust;

Member of the committee of Maison St. Brelade;

If elected, he will bring his considerable energy to the next Assembly and to the next Council of Minsters. He is willing to serve in a number of Ministerial roles and departments.

Sean has lived in Jersey over 30 years and has an extended family including grandchildren and others.

On polling day, please vote: Sean for Senator

Listed as: Dooley-Power, Sean Seamus Patrick.