I decided to nominate for a Deputy position in St. Helier district 3/4 when Deputy Andrew Green announced that he wished to move into the Senatorial elections. This left a vacancy in the district in which I live, and I would like to fill that vacant seat.

We have been very fortunate in this district to have had 4 excellent Deputies to represent our interests – Deputies Mike Higgins, Richard Rondel, Jackie Hilton and Andrew Green. All deserve to be re-elected.

I have had a very close working relationship with all of them, as they sit on the Committee of the First Tower Community Association, an organisation of which I am proud to be the chairman, so I know the work they do on behalf of their constituents.

We don’t agree on all matters, but generally we all agree on vital social issues, especially the crucial need for reform of the State to enable St. Helier to have more Deputies; for States’ properties to pay rates; and for Planning to ensure that as much green space is kept as possible so that residents of St. Helier can enjoy a more pleasant and sociable lifestyle.

If you elect me as one of your Deputies, I give you a solemn pledge that I will bring a series of propositions to make life much easier for low-income and middle-income people on this Island by making wealthy people pay a greater share of tax than they currently do. It will be a battle, but I will do it. I don’t fear the “pin-stripe mafia” who dominate our States.

Such are the very serious problems facing Jersey that a replacement for Deputy Green needs to be experienced in the workings of the States, and should be someone who requires no “probationary” period, but can hit the ground running. My previous experience as a Deputy and Senator means that I can begin to carry out my election manifesto on my first day in the States. This will be a proposition to remove GST on food, children’s clothes, schoolbooks, baby items and heating oil, with an accompanying programme of tax increases on high-earners (over £100,000 a year) to replace that income.

What we don’t need are people with “L” plates around their necks, who have no political experience and who will be like startled rabbits caught in the headlights, and will be no match for members such as Senators Gorst, Ozouf and Bailhache, et al. Sadly, if politically inexperienced people are elected to the States, it will be the slaughter of the innocents.

St. Helier and Jersey cannot afford this when the Island is in such a mess.


If you would like to discuss anything with me regarding my manifesto, you can call me on 625591 or 07797 846764.