As an independent candidate it is important that I become involved with the community of St John and have the ability to work with the Constable in the best interests of all Parishioners.

I value the importance of community and of ensuring an open dialogue for all views to enhance not only the running of the Parish but also the decision making within the States of Jersey.

The referendum result, on the automatic right of Constables in the States for St John, would be reflected in my vote in the States Assembly.


The longstanding issue of obtaining a field for St John’s School should be a priority over the next term.  I would be committed to playing an active role in assisting all parties involved to find a resolution for the benefit of the children.

St John’s Recreation Centre is a fantastic facility not only for the Parish but also for the Island as a whole.  I would like to ensure the final capital phase is completed and revitalize the role of the Youth Project in St John.


We need to be creative and forward thinking!  By supporting the ability for all sectors to adapt and innovate, we can provide further opportunities across the Island.

Consideration needs to be given as to how we can provide a more level playing field for businesses to reach their full potential.  Whether this is through legislation, grants or loans from the States of Jersey, a more practical approach needs to be taken.


We have a fantastic pool of talent within our Education Service and we need to engage this talent to assist in ensuring our policies are fit for the future.

Education is a fundamental part of how we develop.  I would like to encourage a greater emphasis on critical and creative thinking within schools, allowing teachers to be teachers and providing an appropriate balance between academic and vocational skills.

Health & Social Services

Our Health service will continue to come under pressure.  A redesign for a future Hospital needs to ensure that it is focused on patient care, with investment made on the basis of efficiency to long-term revenue costs.  I support a single site solution.


We need to be realistic about how we can afford the relative costs of an increased population and at the same time drive forward and sustain a good standard of living for everyone.  Immigration needs to be controlled in a fair and effective manner.


After 6 years advising, scrutinizing and challenging financial policies, I believe public finance is at a critical position.  A determined attempt needs to be made at addressing efficiencies and value for money.

We can encourage a drive for risk, change and forward thinking if the co-ordination of States policies and departments were more robust, this in turn would lead to a more engaged and rigorous debate encompassing local facts and data for the betterment of our Island.