I’m  John ttokkallos, Jersey born and my work experience has been hospitality for 30 year I also talking a role as a greek committee member my duties were, events organiser, and in 2009 till 2013, was a honorary Police officer. Why I would like to be a states member is that passionate for my island and what to make a better change for are Islanders and the tourism industry, I am a people’s person and for me I know how things are like as I’ve experience difficulties in the past I don’t have a business background or a law degree or was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I’m a strong believer in getting things done. My key points are,





Employment I believe Getting back the trust and belief to Islanders who are out of work to believe in some of social security back to work schemes and how effective one of them is  and I believe in helping   Tourism in the hospitality, I believe in bringing back things from the past and making them better and more modern for all ages and will boost tourism back up and not only better for Jersey industry but create more job so I feel That putting a balance between both financing and tourism industries will benefit

Civil marriage, Yes it has my full support. Im also would like to see jersey first Specialist unit for health services.

I also like to gain back the Trust and Belief of the states, to the people a thing that need to be done and I by going out to visiting the locals and letting them know that I care and I will listen to what they have to say in helping them

So I ask the people of Jersey to give me that chance to prove it to them on the day of elections and hope with have your support and your vote for me on the 15th of October

I Thank you Your candidate John ttokkallos