Dear Voter

I am standing for election as a member of the Reform Jersey team in my home district of St Helier 3/4.

About me:

  • Married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren
  • Educated at Lancaster University – BA 2:1 English (with French and Philosophy) MA Linguistics
  • I retired 9 years ago after a 38 year teaching career. I taught all ages from 4 to 42, but for the last 20 years, I taught English at Hautlieu, being Head of Department for the final 10 years.
  • Senior examiner of A level English.
  • President of the local branch of the NUT (now NEU) for 8 years. A trained negotiator, I fought to preserve the value of teachers’ pay and was instrumental in winning the right to a guaranteed 30 minutes lunch break. I remain on the committee as a trained case worker.
  • As an employee side member of the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal I have received training in Employment and Discrimination Law.

Why Reform Jersey?
I am standing as a Reform Jersey candidate because I share the party’s aspiration to promote a fairer and more equal society. The three existing States members have faithfully pursued their manifesto promises. Their successes have included our anti-discrimination law, the adoption of an ethical care charter and the States seeking accreditation as a living wage employer. I support our manifesto pledges.

It is time to stop cuts that leave many of our students short of textbooks. We must end workplace bullying, and end the stress caused to pupils and teachers through the over reliance on constant assessment and monitoring- the ‘tick box’ culture. I would like to see more reliance on the professionalism of teachers to restore an enthusiasm for learning. University Education should be free for all those that would benefit from it, and apprenticeships should be available for those that prefer to take a less academic route.

We must have enforceable legislation to guarantee fair employment practices, ending the abuse of zero hours and short term contracts. We will encourage more employers to pay the living wage. Insecure and low paid work causes severe hardship and creates a downward spiral in the economy. I want to see an end to taxpayers having to support low paying employers through income support. The wages of the ‘squeezed middle’, including teachers, nurses and others who work in our vital public services, need to keep pace with inflation. If tax increases are necessary, they should be borne by top earners.

Health and Ageing
I meet many people who are healthy and productive in their retirement. Inequality is stark in this age group with those who are able to afford private healthcare remaining active well into their eighties. We must engage with the professional associations of clinical staff in order to recruit and retain enough doctors and nurses to cut down on hospital waiting lists, and make sure a first rate standard of care is available for all.

Please vote Anne Southern – to Listen, Think, and Deliver.