Hello, I’m Jacqui Carrel, standing as Deputy in District 3&4 –please vote for me so I can represent you in the States.

Why am I standing? I care about people – you – and I care about Jersey. You may have seen my campaigning on issues like People’s Park, Waterfront, IFC, sea lettuce, health, etc, and know I already stand up for what’s right.

Jersey is a fantastic place and we have a great work-force, yet we suffer from an increasingly poor standard of living for many people and more crowding and traffic disruption in St Helier.

Even our lovely St Aubin’s Bay is blighted annually by swathes of dreadful-smelling and unsightly sea lettuce. These things and more need to change!

With a background in environmental science, teaching, nutrition, running a business, writing (including for the JEP) and working for local businesses and charities, I have a good insight into various issues and am well-qualified to speak and plan about them on your behalf.

Q: What will you do for St Helier 3&4?

I will work to:

  • Champion your causes and concerns in the States.
  • Mitigate the sea lettuce problem
  • Keep a general store at First Tower
  • Protect green spaces and other communal areas
  • Resolve some of the many issues surrounding the new hospital plan
  • Help residents who are isolated through disability or language
  • Promote community events
  • Find a better way to tackle the traffic, road and pedestrian problems

Q: What will you work towards for the natural environment?

Single-use plastics: I will be able to start work on this problem immediately. I have already been campaigning about sea lettuce, nitrates and glyphosates and will carry on looking at these issues.

Longer term projects will involve looking at: renewable energy; cleaner soil, water and air policies; sustainable transport.

Q: What will you do in health and care?

I will take your thoughts and questions about the hospital to the States, and also push for:

– streamlining health records

– improving mental health services and care for the elderly

– helping prevention of ill-health

Q: What will you do in education?

I will press for reform of our curriculum to prepare our students for today’s workplace and life, and to include Jersey environment, history, laws and social policy.

I will also support moves for more diplomas, degrees and apprenticeships in Jersey, so we can increase our local pool of skills.

Q: What will you work towards for families?

Many of our families are struggling to make ends meet or to access the services they need, and many feel isolated: I will push for more States cohesion between departments and support of local initiatives, such as Parent Champions Jersey programme which I have set up.

My full CV, covering more subjects, is available on my website.

On polling day, please vote for me as one of your Deputies.

Thank you and best wishes,


Jacqui Carrel

Knowledge – Commitment – Integrity