My name is Jess Perchard. I am 28 years old and a secondary school teacher. I’m running for Deputy in St Saviour number 3 as I wish to improve the quality of life of deprived children and families in Jersey.

Education – Investment in Education is an investment in society.
The pressure on children to complete exams is ever-growing, with stress, anxiety, mental illness and self-harm on the rise. When it comes to child development and well-being, teachers and support staff are the frontline.

When we invest in education, poverty is reduced, crime rates drop and the economy is improved. When we don’t, society falls apart. The work of schools must be given appropriate investment as it is in these buildings that our future citizens are shaped.

What kind of employees, parents and community members would we like them to be?

Population – We need limits.
We do not have the space and resources for a limitless population. We can welcome residents from abroad, promoting inclusion and ethnic diversity, whilst also limiting the population size.

Environment – Lead the way in eco-living.
We should be global leaders when it comes to implementing green energy. We should harness energy in the natural world and feed it back into our island.

We should end single-use plastic and making recycling easier.

Road safety – Protect residential areas.
I want to ensure that speed limits in the parish are appropriate, and that residential streets are treated as such. Children and elderly individuals walk through the parish daily. It is my priority to keep them safe.

 Spending – We must be less wasteful.
£27 million was spent on the new hospital before plans were rejected. We can save huge sums through improving efficiency and procedures. We must also consult local experts before using expensive consultants from abroad.

Poverty – Eradicate child poverty.
1 in 3 Jersey children live in relative poverty. From the child who uses a bucket as a toilet, to the child who has never been to the beach, the hidden poverty in Jersey is shocking.

Education must be allowed to talk to Housing and Social so that we can see in advance whether a child is at risk of poverty and prevent it.

Brexit – Be proactive.
I have met with industry leaders from Commerce, Finance, Farming, Retail and Hospitality. These representatives told me they were pleased with the States’ proactive approach to Brexit.

We must continue to ask the right questions and make informed predictions.

Public Services – Need an holistic approach.
This year, nurses, teachers and health workers balloted on industrial action. We have a dearth of social workers, and small farms were on the brink of closure. At the same time, demand for services is increasing.

There is no ‘quick fix’. We must come together to develop long-term strategy that reduces living costs, taking an holistic approach to healthcare, the tax system, economy, public sector, population size, education and social welfare.

We need to work together – thoughtfully – for a fairer system.

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