Proven Political Experience
I have a professional background, and proven political experience, having been Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, and Treasury and Resources. After 2014 I chose to join Scrutiny. I am currently President – Chairmen’s Committee (Scrutiny); Chairman – Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel; Chairman – Brexit Review Panel; Member – Hospital Review Panel and have held Ministers to account on issues including the Hospital; the Jersey International Finance Centre and Ministerial spending plans.

My top priorities include :

Achieving greater value for money
Over the last 6 ½ years the Council of Ministers have missed opportunities to make proper public sector reform. Change has been glacial. Organisational culture needs to dramatically improve, to benefit both the public and our workforce.

I support the recent proposed changes to the public sector but we must maintain our good quality services, recognising that frontline workers have borne the brunt of a number of changes. I did not support the further centralisation of political power to the Chief Minister.

Sustainable public finances to fund services for our whole community

 Low, broad and simple’ are the basic tax principles I support. Changes in tax policy require careful consultation, and should not be changed ‘on the hoof’. We need a cohesive tax system which is modern and fit for purpose. I am not generally supportive of new ‘user pays’ charges being introduced as measures to raise revenue.

 Managing the implications of Brexit for Jersey
In 2019 Britain will leave the EU. It is important to promote Jersey with the UK / Europe, improving their understanding of our constitutional position. We have a very good team in External Relations doing this. I regularly meet senior politicians from UK, Ireland, and Europe as the Jersey representative for the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly ; a full member of a BIPA Committee (Economic Affairs) and Vice President of l’Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie (Jersey section).

Population and Housing
I support the review of housing. We must grasp the nettle as to how we handle immigration but with flexibility regarding work permits and industry.

I am well aware there is public disillusionment with the States particularly in decision making and a failure to engage properly with people. I recognise the difficulties faced by ‘middle Jersey.’ I have demonstrated that I am prepared to probe, challenge and tackle complex issues with integrity and professionalism.

Whilst we may face troubled times ahead, I am positive for the future of Jersey. I do not believe in quick political fixes. I believe in getting the right solution and can constructively contribute to that future.

My Background
Jersey Born, Married with 2 children (school age).

Accounting and Finance degree – Upper Second (Honours); Chartered Accountant.

Professional Membership:
Institute of Chartered Accountants

Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

States Member (Deputy – 12½ years); Chartered Accountant; Company Director.

Trustee Les Vaux Housing Trust (20+ years).

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