Our Parish. Our Island.

Jersey is one of the best places in the world to live, work and raise families but we face serious challenges and to negotiate them successfully, we need a new generation of politicians who are willing to work together to find a better way forward for our island.

St Lawrence has been my home for the majority of my life, a home that I am privileged to share with my wife and daughter. Importantly, as a husband, father, writer and business owner, I understand the pressures of raising a family, working and doing business in 21st century Jersey.

Parishes are the heart of island life

I believe that our parish communities are Jersey’s greatest strength and as a Deputy for St Lawrence, my focus will be to work for parishioners, speaking for them in the States, representing their concerns and keeping them informed of the issues that affect their lives.

As the island’s government has become increasingly centralised, so the parishes have been increasingly ignored but I believe they play a crucial role in maintaining our sense of community and that we need a new vision for them, one in which they relieve public sector pressure by decentralising the delivery of services.

In doing so, parish life can be reinvigorated and public services more efficiently provided.

As a Parish Deputy, I will:

  • Be accessible and approachable.
  • Listen to parishioners and ensure the government hears their concerns.
  • Use my vote to protect parishioner’s rights.
  • Bring a collaborative rather than divisive attitude to the States, working with Members of all political leanings to develop policies that are genuinely for the good of the island.

In St Lawrence, I will:

  • Encourage community and political participation and will work to open a ballot box in the south of the Parish (at Bel Royal School or St Matthew’s Church).
  • Support Parish-wide speed limit reviews and will work with all stakeholders to find solutions that improve safety and encourage pedestrians and cyclists in and around St Lawrence Village, Carrefour Selous, Bel Royal and Sandybrook.
  • Do all I can to protect the natural beauty and environment of our Parish. I’m committed to finding effective ways to tackle the problems of litter in our lanes and on our beaches.
  • Encourage the setting up of a Parish Island Plan working group to ensure we can all play a role in designing the future of St Lawrence.

My vision for Jersey includes:

  • Putting the parish back at the heart of island life.
  • Reducing the cost of living and housing.
  • Providing quality educational opportunities for all, from early years to lifelong learning.
  • Creating a sustainable, diversified economy.
  • Building stronger trade links with Brittany, Normandy and Paris.
  • Managing population without hindering business.
  • Putting islanders at the heart of our digital future.
  • People-focused health services delivered with compassion and dignity.
  • Encouraging renewable energy and a petrol-free island.
  • A fairer tax system.