I have been honoured to be elected by the Parish of St Peter twice, over that time helping parishioners, working in scrutiny and most recently as Minister for Home Affairs. It is now time to ask for a further endorsement, this time as a Senator.

My focus will be on doing things in a #betterway, driving greater collaboration and joined up thinking to encourage sustainability in the Community, Economy and Environment.

In a world that is challenged by rapid change, I am a candidate who can provide both experience and stability.

I am proud of my achievements as a Deputy, which have included:

  • The introduction of new laws to modernise criminal procedures: better serving people;
  • Encouraging joined up government to reduce costs & improve policy delivery
  • Promoting early intervention, new services for families & greater flexibility for all parents
  • Strengthening relationships with Guernsey, UK & French counterparts
  • Seeking service improvements for those with complex needs or mental health issues

But there’s #Moore to be done. I want to:

  • Maintain & build upon the island’s fiscal strength
  • Provide the best start in life for every child
  • Encourage business diversity
  • Protect & enhance our countryside
  • Keep crime figures low
  • Enhance early intervention, particularly of mental health services

To achieve this, I will work with colleagues to conquer silo thinking & keep 3 issues & their underlying aims at the heart of every decision:


In placing our island community at the heart of my manifesto, I will work towards tackling some challenging issues, such as:

  • Reducing poverty in Jersey
  • Improving quality of life & access to housing for families
  • Championing the needs of our elders
  • Greater funding for Family Court & Mental Health provision
  • Promoting healthier lifestyles and wellbeing choices
  • Embracing diversity & cultural inclusion


Jersey’s economy is prosperous and strong, I will work to grow the economy so that we can improve services:

  • Maintain our coordinated approach to dealing with Brexit
  • Ensure access to a highly skilled workforce
  • Introduce legislation that is pro-commerce
  • Focus on policies that boost productivity
  • Celebrate our traditional industries & create the right environment for further diversification
  • Continue to promote family friendly policies


The beauty of Jersey’s environment is one of our defining characteristics. I will:

  • Seek a balance between protecting our environment and providing for a growing population
  • Encourage greater use of renewable energy
  • Promote the use of electric cars & bikes
  • Improve water & air quality
  • Encourage the use of organic farming methods
  • Encourage more people to choose “active travel” or shared transport around the island Promote greater crop diversity & sustainability

As Senator I will:

  • Continue to look for ways to modernise & streamline the States, policy & legislation
  • Work to ensure your money is spent wisely
  • Work tirelessly & inclusively for a prosperous & fair island for all

I am proud to be a States Member, I’m proud of Jersey and I’m proud to work on your behalf. You can find out more about me and my policies on my website. Please follow me on social media and join the conversation.

I want to do #Moore4Jersey.

Please Vote Moore4Senator.