My name is Marilyn Carré and I was born in Jersey and have lived in the island continuously, apart from my university years when I gained a BSc (Hons) in Social Psychology and later, a Masters in Psychotherapy. I am fiercely proud of my local heritage, and the fact that I spoke Jersey French long before I learnt to speak English!

My main reason for standing for Connétable of St Brelade, is because I want to become more actively involved in the decision-making process and to promote both equality and diversity in as many ways as I can. I have energy, enthusiasm and stamina in equal amounts, and I am ready to give my all if you, the people of St Brelade, give me the opportunity to represent you.

All my adult life I have been involved in supporting other people’s needs in one way or another. In the early eighties, I set up and ran Jersey’s first Rape Crisis Counselling Service and in 1994, following nomination by the public, was presented with the Jersey Women’s Aid Group Woman of the Year award. I was also instrumental in helping to set up the Jersey Women’s Refuge. Prior to that, I, along a small group of concerned individuals took women and children into our homes when they needed a safe refuge from domestic abuse.

I have worked as a Child Care Officer and a Probation Officer, and I have sat on and chaired many committees, so I am familiar with protocol. During the Care Enquiry, I gave evidence to support the Care Leavers. I still support their cause and recognise their bravery in coming forward to make the painful disclosures they did.

As a lecturer at Highlands College, I trained many counselling students to practitioner level. My own Private Practice as an Accredited Psychotherapist has grown vastly since I started out over forty years ago and is now well-established. However, I have always strived to run a service which was financially accessible to all, irrespective of their means. I have taught for the Open University to Degree level and run the Jersey Hospice Care Bereavement Service. I have transferrable skills in many public areas.

I have highly experienced therapists waiting in the wings to take over my psychotherapy practice should I be fortunate enough to be elected, as I would need to give the role of Connétable my full, undivided focus.

I love my Parish and would like to see a number of contentious issues revisited and brought to a healthy resolution. These include parking in St Aubin’s Village and all the anomalies which surround this; licencing of premises where appropriate, and regulation of noise pollution. Respect for the elderly and provision for their wellbeing is also of great importance to me. I am eager to show you I am more than capable of fulfilling the role of Connétable in our beautiful Parish and I have a strong, enthusiastic team behind me for support!