Dear voter, born in Jersey to a farming family, I have lived in Jersey all my life with short secondments overseas. I live with my husband David, and our 11 year old daughter Natalie.

Educated at Les Landes and Les Quennevais Schools, my career started with Jersey Tax,  followed by the Airport, Department for Agriculture and Fisheries, and local accountancy firms.

I joined the Police in 1989 and was privileged to become Jersey’s first female Inspector, followed by Acting Chief Inspector. I led the Community Policing Team, working closely with the parishes, Honorary Police, and many public and private stakeholders.

The Economy
The finance industry provides the mainstay of Jersey’s employment and economic success and it is important that this position is maintained, and enhanced by embracing new technologies. Diversification across sectors such as retail, farming and tourism is also essential to ensure that dependance is spread, and provide wider employment opportunities and revenue income. I believe in maintaining Jersey’s low-tax economy.

We should continue to work closely with the UK, to ensure smooth transition arrangements, including travel, customs, and movement of goods and services. We should also work closely with EU and world partners in relation to Jersey’s leading financial services provision, and global opportunities.

Population / Skills
Population control is one subject islanders are justifiably most concerned about. Given the importance of a well-trained workforce to the economy, employers inevitably seek to recruit qualified staff from outside the island where skills gaps exist. Moving forwards, assessing and addressing the shortfalls through education, further development and incentivising students to return to the island will assist. All young people should have the opportunity to flourish and develop their talents. I am in favour of controlling immigration by way of work permits, and would seek to canvas the views of constituents along with businesses which this will effect prior to the debate in September. The elderly, sick and those less fortunate should of course receive the necessary protection and support.

Home ownership is beyond the reach of many. I am in support of affordable housing for all, including key workers, and use of schemes such as share-ownership where suitable.

Political approval has been given for the hospital to be built on the existing site, and funding arrangements agreed. Completing the new hospital is becoming more critical regarding patient care as time passes, and needs to be progressed once the planning application is settled.

It is essential to have genuine transparency across States Departments and Government, in order that the public have an understanding of where money is spent, and lines of accountability are clear. Firm control of public expenditure focused on customer service is required, with lean structures trimmed of unnecessary management positions.

Having policed St Helier for 25 years, I have a strong understanding of quality of life and public safety matters, and support the Honorary Police.

I hope you will consider me worthy of one of your votes.