Born and bred in St.Brelade, I live in the Parish and work in St.Aubin.

My background and training is in management and I am the proprietor of a marine business and post office which has been trading successfully for some 40 years. I have the privilege of being in touch with a broad spectrum of Parishioners and hear their views on a regular basis.

I have a credible track record as Connétable between 2005 and 2011 and Minister of TTS for 3 years and have demonstrated an ability to make difficult decisions and deliver projects at both Parish and Island level.

I’m convinced most people crave stability in their community and am focussed on changing and dealing effectively with local issues that concern people most. I think fairness in society is crucial and this means that we should have an equitable tax system.

I believe that child care, student loans and long term elderly care are areas that touch most of us at some point and need their delivery to be regularly monitored in order to remain affordable.

I consider we must make far more effort to help those leaving school fulfil their chosen career paths whether it be through higher education or in acquiring vocational skills.

I will ensure continued investment in our roads and infrastructure in an environmentally sympathetic manner as well as improving paths in the interests of walkers and cyclists.

I shall encourage diversification of our economy in parallel with supporting small business and make it easier for them to employ staff and especially apprentices.

I firmly believe in continuing prudent investment in our finance, tourism, construction, agricultural, and fishing industries.

Frivolous States expenditure must stop and my view is that we should cut our cloth to suit our income and not shackle future generations with unnecessary debt.

I will not support development on green fields or the inappropriate over development experienced in recent years however I’m conscious of the need to provide opportunities for first time buyers. I believe we should learn from previous planning errors and ensure neighbours receive due respect in the planning process. I am very conscious of our special environment and support ‘Green’ strategies.

I shall give active support to the Schools, Clubs, Churches, societies, charities and organisations based in the Parish and promote their future development as well as that of our rich heritage.

I am presently a Centenier and shall continue to encourage recruitment to the honorary police to ensure this backbone of our way of life continues to prosper and adapts to modern needs and be conscious of world events and the effects of extremism.

I shall ensure strict adherence to immigration policies whilst recognising genuine business need.

I would be honoured should Parishioners of St.Brelade elect me as Connétable and representative in the States on Wednesday May 16th.

Thank you.