Silo mentality and short-term thinking have led to the Island’s limited resources, and some of its public finances, being spectacularly mismanaged. Hard-working States employees have been neglected and now fear for their jobs. Inadequately-controlled immigration has been costly to our environment and public purse.

As a former partner and director of a major local legal and administrative services provider, who was publicly described as ‘top notch in finance’, I appreciate public money and the Island’s assets need to be managed responsibly.

I have lived for over 25 years in St Ouen, St Clement and St Brelade. My work as a professional trainer in leadership has extended to people in many walks of life, plus a number of local charities voluntarily.

As Chairman of the St Brelade’s Bay Association’s campaign against overdevelopment, I have learnt all areas of government need clearer vision and joined-up thinking.

I support helping those who need it and breaking the poverty cycle, without duplicating resources unnecessarily or jeopardising our economy.

I am standing for Senator because I wish to do what’s best for the whole Island with an Island-wide mandate. My professional legal background has equipped me to understand and scrutinise legislation.

I believe my ability to understand complex issues, and the value of teamwork, can help the Island’s government to produce meaningful polices and co-ordinated strategies and put our Island back on track.


• Supporting our economy by

■ encouraging diversification in the finance sector
■ facilitating access to private funding for innovators
■ the provision by the Island’s government of strictly-enforced tourist development planning areas and investment in tourist infrastructure.

• Improved leadership of the States Assembly, supported by reforms to the Ministerial system and the States Assembly to ensure more professionalism and transparency.

• A reduction in the number of States Assembly representatives with:

■ those elected by Parishes representing those Parishes
■ fewer Ministers, appointed from Senators elected on an Island-wide mandate.

• Reducing the use of expensive UK consultants on public projects where local knowledge and skills can provide a more cost-effective solution.

• Improving co-ordination between the public, private and voluntary sectors to:

■ help those in need
■ reduce isolation amongst the elderly and improve all Islanders’ well-being
■ improve educational standards through early years education and parental support.

• The cutting of red tape and a review of the Island’s tax and social security system to:

■ provide a fairer and simpler way of collecting government revenues
■ support State Departments reforms without over-loading the civil service or the public purse.

• Improving proposed immigration reforms through:

■ working on a clearer vision of the Island’s future health, care and public-sector needs
■ encouragement of resource-efficient businesses and business practices including training, mentoring and using part-time staff
■ ensuring the Island’s immigration, education, health, planning and infrastructure strategies are responsive to each other.

Please visit my website for my full manifesto and further information.