Although I have been elected again unopposed, I set out below the key points of my manifesto. Although I am not aligned to a political party, I consider myself to be right of centre.

  • To uphold and maintain the traditions of the honorary system.
  • Strive to promote community by supporting our Youth Centre and all other Parish clubs and organisations.
  • Continue with a program of public realm improvements within the Parish.
  • To ensure that the Parishes continue to administer their own rates system and remain as hub for local services.
  • Resist the drive to anglicise Jersey and preserve our ancient customs and practice.
  • To support the role of Bailiff as President of the States Assembly.
  • Pursue opportunities for first-time buyer and retirement home schemes within the Parish without sacrificing prime agricultural land.
  • Support the outturn of the Care Enquiry, we must do everything possible to support our children and young people, they are our future.
  • Provide proper care and support for our elderly, they have already made their contribution to the success of this island.
  • Support realistic control of Immigration and population growth to achieve a balanced economy.
  • Encourage a diverse economy, without ignoring our established industries in finance, tourism agriculture and construction.

To sum up in four words:-