Born in Jersey, I have lived in St Peter for most of my adult life, as did my parents and grandparents. A family man with three children, I recognise that change must happen to enable us to meet the challenges of modern life. New candidates will breathe new life into our local politics. Affordable homes for current and future generations is a key priority within our Parish along with efficient traffic controls.

I worked for 30 years in the Jersey Finance Industry. Currently I own my own business which provides accounting services to local businesses.

Economic prosperity must be our main agenda. We must be an innovative Island and look to entrepreneurial ideas to continue to diversify and reduce our reliance on our main industries. Full employment alongside a sustainable welfare system will tackle the issues that are concerning us all.

Brexit gives us an opportunity to become a financial intermediary between Europe, UK and the rest of the world. We need to recognise and embrace any new opportunities that arise.

Unnecessary bureaucracy must be reduced. The States need to support, encourage, assist and enable innovation, with effective governance, to create our next generation of goods and services. A business that prospers on this Island should pay its’ fair share of taxes.

Our population must be controlled. Post Brexit we will have more control and must use this wisely – work permits alongside strict 11K controls will regulate immigration. We need to consider fair and effective ways to control our population.

Marketing the Island as a quality short term destination for couples & family breaks is the key to sustainability.

Our health service must be innovative and forward thinking with additional longevity in people’s lives. I would like to see continued investment in our holistic healthcare services so that people can reside longer in their own homes thus relieving pressure on existing hospital services.

Education is key to our future success and prosperity. We need to support our children to develop life skills and diverse qualifications. My priority is to ensure appropriate levels of funding to allow first class education & qualifications, including apprenticeships and local degree courses, for children of all abilities within our society.

I am proud to have served as Centenier for the Parish of St Peter for the last 5 years. Our Police, Border and Customs forces do a great job with decreasing resources, I would like the States Police and the Honorary Police to work more closely together.

I am firmly against party politics in an Island such as ours and believe in independent choice. We must be in a position to vote not only the way we feel but also represent the requirements of our fellow Parishioners whom we represent. I am a good listener, I’m happy to discuss all issues with whosoever wishes within our Parish.

I am determined to bring about a more productive, reliable and resourceful States Assembly.