Dear Voter,

I am 30 years old, and have lived in our district for most of my life. I live in First Tower, where I grew up, and have also lived just off Cheapside and on Queens Road. I am a proud alumna of First Tower Primary School, as well as JCG, and Exeter University. Our community means a great deal to me, and I would be honoured to represent us all in the Assembly.

It is my belief that the Assembly has not done enough in recent years to respond to the needs of our private sector. If I am elected, I will seek to reduce the retail tax, which is clearly too high and quite obviously unfair. I will also push the Assembly to update our licensing laws in support of our hoteliers, and seek an increase in the stamp duty allowance for first-time buyers to reflect the exorbitant price of housing here in Jersey. A key objective of my campaign is to remove GST from food once and for all.

We must not allow the current site to continue to deteriorate when work on the new building has yet to commence. If we leave it too late, there is a very real risk that we will one day find ourselves without a functioning hospital anywhere on the island. The contractors are already on standby, so the responsibility for the continued inaction lies with the Assembly. Ending this stalemate will be my top priority if I am successful in this election.

We need a social safety net that works for everyone. It is unconscionable that people who have contributed to the system their whole lives find themselves unable to get proper help in a time of crisis. We must simultaneously look for ways to reduce unemployment and better support the elderly as well as the disabled. If I am elected, I will seek increased respite care for disabled people and their families as a matter of urgency.

Hospital staff have persevered in totally unacceptable conditions in recent years, and these conditions will only get worse in the years to come, no matter where the new hospital is built. For this reason, I am in favour of a pay increase for nurses.

No more secret deals. The public had a right to know the terms of Charlie Parker’s contract and such appointments should not be the sole prerogative of one Minister. The decision-making process must be transparent, and States Members must be willing to take responsibility for their decisions in the public eye – I most certainly will.

No more uncontested elections: Constables should not be members of the States. Electoral reform is essential if we are to take Jersey’s democracy into the 21st century. I am also in favour of online voting, as it would give people with limited mobility an easier way to vote.

For bolder decision-making and greater transparency in the States, please vote AHIER for Deputy.

Thank you.