I am a Jersey born businessman educated at De La Salle College. I have owned businesses in most sectors of the local economy. The Troy family has served the Jersey people politically for over 60 years.

If elected my primary political aims will be:-

  • Hospital. Obtain fast planning approval, on the correct cost effective site that can fulfil all the people’s future health needs.
  • Population. Develop a Population Policy with work permits which identify and test the community and economic value of migrants seeking Jersey employment.
  • Taxation. Remove GST from food.
  • Social Housing. Reduce rents and control rent increases.
  • Pensions. Increase pension payments and assistance to Pensioners.
  • Austerity. End austerity measures on Public Service Pay and restructure States H R unfair grievance policy.
  • Capital spending. Make States Capital Spending Projects (a) Necessary. (b) Value for Money. (c) On Time and on Budget. Unnecessary public spending must be cut.
  • Equality. Equal pay for women and increased Nursery Education Funds to make it viable for want to work families to achieve their goals with equality.
  • Homes. Create new housing sites and affordable home schemes giving more opportunity for young people to achieve home ownership.
  • Traffic. Improve road safety and ease congestion without a congestion charge.
  • St Helier Community. Develop community services and maintain and support retail shopping at First Tower.
  • St Helier Burden. Obtain a contribution from other parishes towards St Helier maintenance of public facilities, such as parks, public spaces, gardens and playgrounds.
  • Brexit EU Citizens Living in Jersey. Create a free help centre to assist Settled and Pre-settled Status applications.

Government Failure.

Successive Jersey Governments have put the Jersey people in second place behind their own Political Ambition and Capital Spending Projects. Democratic Government is Government by the people for the people.

Government decisions should benefit the people giving them favourable conditions and equal opportunity to improve their own lives and assist them with services, such as Security, Health, Education and Community Welfare so they can prosper and maintain a quality healthy lifestyle.

Multi Crisis.

Jersey is experiencing a multi crisis situation which is financially squeezing its population and lowering their living standards. The Jersey people lack affordable housing to buy. Social Housing rents are too high. Austerity measures are resulting in strikes. Pensioners are failing to meet their commitments and small businesses are under pressure with Brexit adding uncertainty. The Assistant Chief Ministers JEP comments, offers higher taxes as a solution. I am against tax increases. A freeze on unnecessary Government capital spending is what is required to free up funds to help the community, “not higher taxes”.


I will support Finance, Tourism, Agriculture, Retail, Fisheries, Building and Development and I believe strongly in the Fintech Industry which Jersey should develop to achieve maximum tax revenue for Jersey.

If elected I will put the people of St Helier and Jersey first, keeping our island a unique and special place and protecting our way of life.

Please vote Gordon George Troy on 27th February 2019