Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to the late Deputy, Richard Rondel, a respected friend whose many abilities I cannot replicate – although I will seek to be just as approachable.

20 years as a journalist, first for Channel TV and then internationally for ITN has taught me how to seek out the truth and cut through the spin.

For example;
£900 Million is the estimated overall cost of a new hospital if you count the loan repayments.

Government and media spin still ensures voters are told its £466 Million.

At these prices Jersey deserves a hospital without compromise, with hydrotherapy pool and facilities and space clinicians require. Plus the opportunity for oncology patients to have their radiology treatment locally, avoiding the stressful journeys away from their families to Southampton.

Currently, location and planning costs for a new hospital are heading for £40 Million without a brick being laid and building sites under consideration include land in District No. 3/ 4.

What has happened to political direction? Who is taking political responsibility? I intend to add some common sense to the current muddled approach.

It’s time for truth on an immigration policy too – currently we don’t have one!

Limited immigration controls create a huge pressure to construct new housing, with predicted requirement for 7,000 residential units within 10 years. St Helier is the target for this development and I fear that No.3/ 4 will suffer the most and lose many fields and open spaces.

I wish to represent the district in the upcoming Island Plan debate, which will be a battle to save our familiar Jersey landscape.

Population growth has forced up the price of accommodation in all sectors.

To tackle this I intend to bring propositions to:

Break the link between Andium (States) rents and “the market place”, scrapping the percentage formula to reduce rental charges.

Support a Rent Tribunal for fairer and higher quality standards in private rental, including more rigorous inspection.

Scrap Stamp Duty on all property purchase to encourage movement up “the property ladder”.

The cost of living in Jersey also prevents around half of our very talented university graduates from returning to the Island. I want to encourage them by offering tax breaks to those that want to bring their expert abilities home.

With a revolution in transport on the way and I want to see St Helier being an early beneficiary.

I introduced half price parking for low emission vehicles over 10 years ago, which has contributed to reducing air pollution around Town.

If elected, I will finally have an opportunity to pilot my scheme to permanently eliminate morning peak time traffic congestion and I would adjust our legislation to allow the operation of pedicabs and similar for cheap and short trips within the urban area.

There is so much more to do and much to encounter, not least alternative industries to financial services.

It’s “Time for Truth”, so please give me your vote, allowing me to take on our ministerial government.