Dear Parishioner,

I believe Jersey can be more inclusive – a place that encourages all residents to contribute to the betterment of Jersey. I believe the community already has the resources to make Jersey thrive if we work together. This community ethos is at the heart of my campaign.

I will aim to develop a strategy to ensure better use of existing services and facilities to meet the needs of our community.

Working for St. Helier I will

  • Develop community hubs: clubs and social groups for all ages, in our highly populated areas like La Pouquelaye, the West of town and First Tower.
  • Campaign for equity for St Helier parishioners: stopping St Helier residents paying for services other parishes do not pay for (including the maintenance of public toilets and parks).
  • Improve pedestrian safety in St Helier: supporting the Constable’s proposed traffic calming measures, building pavements and crossings.


Our public services are going through major change.  As a professional management consultant specialising in organisational changes, if elected, I’ll use this expertise to protect the interests of the public.

Key issues I will address if elected

  • Ensuring our population strategy strikes the right balance between our need for skills and labour and the management of our resources.
  • Finding a realistic way to make home ownership achievable, particularly for young families.
  • Ensuring green areas of St Helier are enhanced and protected to create more safe, accessible leisure areas.
  • Holding both the States and the Parish accountable when spending public money.
  • Opposing attempts to introduce additional taxes, stealth taxes, charges and public levies- unless it has been proven that further savings are not possible.
  • Campaigning to ensure that wages are not eroded by inflation, but keep up.
  • To combat loneliness and enhance social inclusion by creating central coordination of community activities islandwide held by Charities, Parishes, Churches, States departments and residents.

About me

I have lived in St Helier for 10 years with my Jersey-born husband David and our three year-old daughter Mia.

I have B.A. in Social Work and M.Sc. in Professional Communication. For the last 20 years I have been a self-employed management consultant, working with international businesses and educational institutions to improve their organisational effectiveness and team dynamics.  I am the director of two small Jersey businesses: one in retail and one in tourism.

Since the recent election, I have maintained my commitment to the people of this District.

  • I founded the “Friends of La Pouquelaye” a coffee morning club for Senior citizens and young parents.
  • I joined the First Tower Residents Associations and La Pouquelaye Youth Project Committees.
  • As a Non Executive Director at Caritas International for Social inclusion, I am creating an integration programme.

If elected I will hold regular surgeries to discuss your concerns.

I believe a successful and flourishing Jersey is based on the collective effort, contribution and goodwill of the business sector, the government, charities and all residents.

Jersey is big enough to be diverse and small enough to be a caring community.