I am standing for election as Deputy in St. Helier No. 3 and 4 District as I want to support the delivery of positive change for the benefit of the Island. I am standing as a Reform Jersey candidate as I believe that we can deliver more together, working as a team.

Over the last decade, real terms earnings for Islanders have fallen, which has made it even more difficult for working families to make ends meet. We need to tackle the issues that will make day-to-day life easier for families. These include:

  • more affordable housing
  • improving provisions for parental leave
  • ensuring that schools are well funded and that quality childcare is available
  • increasing the minimum wage, and
  • supporting mental health and wellbeing

There are also far too many people living below the poverty line. This has been made worse by some of the harshest policies pursued by previous governments. The new Council of Ministers has made it one of its top priorities to improve the standard of living for Islanders. I will not shy away from holding Ministers to account for their promises.

Staff morale within our public services is at an all time low, and yet we have a wealth of specialist expertise and knowledge within the public service. Ministers need to be open to receive frank and fearless advice from public servants at all levels. The current pace of change puts vital public services at risk. We need to ensure that the changes being made are fit for purpose and will deliver the best value to Islanders.

About Me
As a dedicated public servant, I firmly believe that it is the duty of government to deliver high quality public services for the people. For me, this does not mean austerity-driven budget cuts. It does mean cutting out waste and keeping people at the heart of decision making. I will listen to the community to design services best suited to meet their needs. More listening, and more action.

It is important that we continue to make St. Helier a better place to live, work and play. St. Helier is the Island’s business and cultural hub. I will support progressive planning policies that are sympathetic to the Parish’s history and built heritage, but enable urban regeneration, encourage social hubs and protect green spaces.

My professional experience includes:

  • developing partnerships in the areas of: disability access and inclusion, substantive equality, and international relations,
  • the design and development of a $24 million business case to support arts and cultural provision within regional and remote communities,
  • overseeing the administration of grants programs for the creative industries, and funding contracts with non-government organisations.

As I was growing up, I was fortunate to have benefited from the social welfare system, living in good quality social rented housing and receiving a free university education. I want to ensure that the same opportunities are available to families today and in the future.

The full Reform Jersey manifesto can be read online at www.reformjersey.je/manifesto