You are among the 8,000 residents of St Helier 3&4 with a vote in this by-election. Do not waste that vote.

Sadly, most of you never vote. There is now one vacancy for Deputy caused by the tragic death of Richard Rondel.

There are 9 other candidates in this by-election. They all promise wonderful things in their manifestos. None of it can be delivered.


Let’s examine the housing shortage. Laws to address this issue have existed since 1949, when there were 50,000 islanders. Today the shortage is greater and the population is 110,000 and growing. Some 13,000 working residents do not have housing qualifications at all. The true extent of the housing shortage is consistently hidden. No wonder accommodation to rent or buy is absurdly expensive.

I do not offer to solve the housing problem alone over the next 3 years, but I do promise to respond to your call when needed. I will fight your corner in relation to housing, employment, social security, health, education, justice system, police or on any other issue where others may seem reluctant or unwilling to assist.

About me:

I am a qualified lawyer. I represent employees before the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal.

The legal system is frequently used to bully and intimidate individuals. I know this from personal experience. I am not afraid to challenge the Establishment. I have beaten them before and will do so again. For you, I will take the inevitable knocks and criticisms.

Educated at the universities of Warwick and Caen, in Normandy, I practiced as a solicitor in the City of London. Returning to Jersey, I subsequently worked in law, banking and Trust Administration.

Jersey born and educated at Victoria College, I know how “the system” works, to favour those with wealth, privilege and status.

I always challenged the “cosy club” mentality of the States Assembly whilst a Deputy in 2014. My recent investigation and exposure of the Election Expenses Scandal, arising from the May 2018 General Election, is proof of my ability to reveal inconvenient truths.

Two Deputies and a candidate were prosecuted for failing to comply with the simple 2014 Law. Fines and automatic loss of their seats would have followed, had my investigations not revealed many other States Members and candidates were not being prosecuted.

30 States Members and 27 unsuccessful candidates either failed to complete an expenses form or return it on time.

The Attorney General intervened to prevent junior and senior Members having a criminal record. Thus was the “Establishment” saved from disgrace.

The matter is not closed. I continue to seek a full public investigation.

Please attend the Hustings and I will endeavour to meet as many as possible on the door in the next few weeks.

I promise YOU, the electors of District 3&4, to pursue your complaints with similar vigour and determination if you need me when elected. I cannot achieve this unless you vote on Wednesday 27th February and return me as YOUR Deputy.