Andy Jehan

Candidate for Connétable in St. John

It has been a little over a year since I was sworn in as Connétable of St John. 

The last thirteen months have been a fantastic experience, meeting parishioners, hosting Parish events and working with all members of our municipality to deliver for St John. I have learnt many new things in my short time as Connétable, building on my commercial background and my former roles within our Honorary Police and Parish administration. 

I am pleased to be able to stand for re-election as Connétable. I believe that with the experience I have gained I am able to offer our Parish the stability and direction that it deserves.  

In the last year we have recruited 8 new members to the Honorary Police bringing the force up to full strength and we have agreed increased funding for our Honorary Police and the Parish Youth Project. 

I have worked to bring together expertise and passion from across our local community to set up new initiatives and strengthen our Parish. This has included a new Adopt a Lane scheme; a Parish Climate Group; a Community Support Group and a Road Safety Board. We have installed 2 new defibrillators in the Parish and due to generous sponsorship, have a further 3 on order. 

We have made progress to improve road safety and are drafting proposals that will make it easier and safer to walk and cycle in and around St John’s Village.  

Having set up a Parish Climate group to look at initiatives in St John, I have initiated an Island Wide group in getting the Parishes to work collaboratively to share ideas and initiatives. 

Housing remains a big concern for many Parishioners, which is why I proposed – with the support of the Comité Rurale – a number of successful amendments to the Bridging Island Plan, to get two sites rezoned for right size properties. With the field at Sion for affordable homes, I hope that we can create a heart to the Village and I will be working towards achieving this. 

I was also pleased to receive the support of States Members to designate the area near the Parish Hall for community use. I would like to bring proposals to the Parish that will create a scenic memorial garden that Parishioners of all ages can enjoy.  

With the changes to our electoral system, the position of Connétable is, in my view, more important than ever. I believe that I have demonstrated my ability to represent and deliver for St John both within the Assembly and in our wider Parish. 

It has been a privilege to lead St John and work alongside so many dedicated members of our community and I hope you will consider giving me your support to continue as Connétable. 

I look forward to speaking with as many of you as possible before 22 June. If you would like to get in touch.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Kevin Charles Keen
  2. Philip John Rondel
  3. Muriel Poisson
  4. Gillian Scott
  5. Richard Dupre
  6. Carlyle John Hinault
  7. Joanna Jane Trott
  8. Rebecca Helen Jane Reddy
  9. Julie Ann Renouf
  10. Nigel Harold Perree