Beatriz Porée

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

I am 55 years of age, born in Angola and raised in Portugal. I have lived in Jersey for the past 33 years. I arrived here with a short-term contract of employment. As an immigrant I started working the day after arriving in the Island. I was young, willing, able and happy to work. Jersey and its people captured my heart. Four years later, I married a Jerseyman and together we raised our family here. 

For many years, like so many people who arrive in Jersey in search of a better life, I did not engage in Jersey politics, nor did I understand Jersey’s political system. It felt like an exclusive part of Jersey life that some of us did not have access to. However, I now know that political exclusion is no longer part of the modern, progressive, diverse and inclusive Jersey we live in today. 

As an African, Portuguese speaking immigrant with British nationality I am standing for 2022 elections because I believe that the Jersey cultural, racial and religious diversity of its population has changed and the States Assembly should reflect those changes in order to truly understand the needs of its people. 

I am standing for Reform Jersey because I share the party’s desire to create a more equal society with a stronger sense of inclusivity. If elected, I will work with Reform Jersey and other States Members to achieve so. At a time when there is much economic uncertainty, with huge cost of living increases taking place, it is more important than ever to look after those who earn the least. 

Employment is an area of particular importance to me. Over the years I have gained a wide range of experience working in different industries in Jersey. From hospitality to farming, finance, education, health and more recently, as a business owner. I will campaign for better working conditions for all, in particular those on lower incomes and those with less active voices. I will campaign for the minimum wage to be raised to a living wage, and to ensure that zero hours contracts are not abused by large companies for their own financial gain.  

Cost of Housing The cost of accommodation in Jersey is among the highest in Europe, and a major cause of poverty to those on lower incomes. As someone who has lived in rental accommodation for most of my time in Jersey I feel that continued effort is important in developing a fairer and better-balanced rental regulations system, both in the private and social housing sectors.  Vulnerable people need to be protected from exploitation by unscrupulous landlords. Rents, for those who cannot afford to buy, are at all-time high. Soaring house prices put home ownership out of reach for many young people.  The housing crisis needs to be tackled if Jersey is to keep a strong workforce necessary for our economy to flourish.  For full details please see our manifesto at www.reform  

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