David Benn

Candidate for Deputy St. Mary, St. Ouen and St. Peter

I am standing for Deputy in the Parishes of St Ouen, St Mary and St Peter as a Jersey Liberal Conservative candidate (JLC). 

I have lived in St Ouen for almost half of my life, farmed land in St Mary and we are moving to St Peter this year.  

The reason that I am standing is simply that I cannot stand on the side-line and watch our children’s and grandchildren’s future frittered away. The manner in which the Island is being governed and managed gives me no confidence for their future.  

In the JLC we are listening, we have a strong manifesto, available at www.jlc.je ,and now that we are in coalition with the Progress Party (TPP), we have a strong base from which we can push forward the changes that must happen for the Island’s future, under the leadership of Sir Philip Bailhache.  

I have a long history of service both to the Parishes, in the Honorary Police in St Ouen and St John, and to the agricultural industry. I served as Chairman of the Potato Committee and Chairman of other committees where I gained experience of dealing with the civil service and politicians. I was also elected as a grower director of the Producers and Merchants Organisation. I have also been a member of Mustard Seed collecting, packing and driving to Romania, which gave me a strong realisation of the realities of the plight of the poorest in society. 

My greatest skill is that of communication, combined with clear thinking common sense to look at situations and turn problems into positive solutions. I am not afraid to speak out and challenge unjust decisions.  

In the runup to this election I have spoken to many people. Nobody, but nobody, has expressed satisfaction in the manner in which we are being governed. The very first subject swings between the waste of our money, particularly with the regards to the hospital, and housing for our children. When I speak to children their first concern is the environment.    

In the JLC, and with TPP, we are committed to bring spending under control, return to Jersey values of prudent spending. We are committed to finding solutions to sensible housing for first time buyers. To take a bold yet considered science-based action to the environment and bio security. To ensure that healthcare is affordable to all and is geared to up-to-date facilities and to ensure that there are enough frontline staff. To ensure that excellent education is available to all in both academic and skills-based attainment. We are also committed to industry, to our farming, fisheries and tourism sectors and service industries, and we also wish to see innovation in industry particularly with regard to digital technology. 

I have a great passion for this stunningly beautiful Island and its people and believe that we can effect changes that are long overdue. Please vote for all of the Jersey Liberal Conservatives and the Progress Party candidates in whichever district they are standing.   


Name of Proposers and Seconders


  1. Ian John Michel
  2. Brian Philip Follain
  3. Roger Maurice Le Gros
  4. Carlton James Le Feuvre
  5. Edward John Syvret
  6. Geoffrey John Grime
  7. Angela Phyllis McCarthy
  8. Robert John Gaiger
  9. Susan Philomena Mary Pim (née O’Connell)
  10. Hugh Andrew Pim