Guy De Faye

Candidate for Deputy Grouville and St. Martin

OVERPOPULATION is Jersey’s biggest problem. It impacts on all aspects of community life AND it has been DELIBERATELY IGNORED by the government for around 30 years. 

In the 1990s, Jersey’s Environmental Adviser, Dr Mike Romeril, estimated the Sustainable Population figure was 80,000. When this was exceeded, Dr Romeril, warned – “if the population goes above 86,000, life in Jersey will become increasingly unpleasant”. He was right. 

Jersey’s flawed “economic growth policy”, which relies on bringing “high earners” into the Island – to tax – is at the centre of the population crisis. 

In practice, the continuing immigration impacts across all infrastructure, not just housing. New residents need schools for their children, together with all the other service industries including health provision. 

Tackling  the overpopulation issue head on, will be my main priority. 

I favour “building more Jersey” – considered land reclamation projects to provide new infrastructure and residential accommodation. 


I forecast that Jersey’s Eastern parishes will discover important strategic roles shortly, linked to proximity with France and fishing. Padstow has a crab and lobster hatchery. With falling stocks, where is ours? 

The local community must take greater responsibility for the well being of parish pensioners. I have already proposed a scheme to develop St Saviour’s Hospital into a Community Village for the elderly. 


Initial handling of Covid 19 was a disaster. Like Guernsey, Jersey should have followed the “precautionary principle” and shut down ports of entry, backed up by strict quarantine – adjusting only for reliable tests and vaccines. 

The “New Hospital Campus” fiasco must be halted immediately and put on the right track. A major redesign is required. Retaining the General Hospital at Gloucester Street for medical purposes, especially A&E and Outpatients, is essential. 


I commenced my education at Grouville primary school, and it ended with an Honours degree in Law. I switched into television journalism, starting at Channel TV, then working in London for ITV’s “World News”, transmitted to 150 Million households around the globe. I was a news presenter, producer and programme editor.  

As Minister for Transport and Technical Services (Public Works), my approach was to “get things done”, at all levels. Beach showers to Energy from Waste. 

I pioneered Jersey Heritage Holiday Lets, which allows stays at both Archirondel and Seymour Towers, together with other local historical structures.  


  • Assisting the purchase of property by moving liability to pay Stamp Duty from the purchaser to the seller. The party receiving the “big cheque” should pay the tax. 
  • A solution to morning traffic congestion is a later start time for the Town secondary schools. Current travel plans will not be disrupted, but hundreds could use their flexi-time.  
  • A new Road Pricing strategy could replace the current system of charging road tax via use of diesel and petrol fuel.  
  • The introduction of “wildlife corridors” alongside rural roads, doubling as safe, offroad, pathways for walkers.  

 PLEASE VOTE Guy de Faye 

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