Hugh Raymond

Candidate for Deputy St. John, St. Lawrence and Trinity


I have been privileged to represent the parish of Trinity as its Deputy for the last four years and have been lucky enough to have lived in the parish with my family for more than 30 years. Born in Bristol, I moved here from the UK, following a long career in the finance industry.  

Over the last three decades, much has changed: more cars; faster forms of communication; more buildings and more people living in our island, to name but a few. 

There is no doubt that Trinity – along with St Lawrence and St John – and the Island as a whole, face challenges and opportunities because of these changes.  

Since becoming a Deputy, I have held three Assistant Ministerships – Infrastructure, Health and Social Services, and Sport. My four years in Government have taught me that to simply get things done, we must work together collaboratively. This is why I have decided to stand as a member of the Jersey Alliance Party. 

Having cohesive and achievable policies is key to implementing change.  

When I stood for election in 2018, I said: ‘First and foremost, I am here to listen to YOU, the parishioners of Trinity, and act on your behalf’. I stand by those words but add in that I would be honoured to represent the parishioners of St Lawrence and St John, too.  

I firmly believe in the parish system in Jersey and have been active and achieved senior positions in my parish, community, and Island organisations.  

Key areas that I am passionate about include: 

The elderly: a previous Board member of a Hospital Trust in Gloucestershire, plus Assistant Minister of Health, I believe my knowledge and experience can help achieve positive outcomes for our ageing population. 

Education and young people: investing in our youth will pay dividends for safeguarding the future of the Island. As Assistant Minister for Economics, Tourism & Sport, I am proud that the Government has invested £20m. in Digital Jersey, ensuring a pathway for digital entrepreneurs.  

Policing: a previous President of the Honorary Police Association, I gained a unique insight into policing locally, plus experienced the judicial system at work in the Magistrate’s Court. 

Taxation and GST: we must support local businesses and encourage the growth of new ones to create jobs. 

Immigration: immigration must be monitored with checks and balances in place that will help both  present and future inhabitants. 

Sport: as Assistant Minister for Sport, I have seen the skatepark take shape and have been in communication with the sports at Fort Regent as they move to their new premises. 

Infrastructure: from the building of the new hospital through to traffic management schemes, I have a good insight to help drive forward projects. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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