Inna Gardiner

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier North

I have been honoured to serve as a St Helier Deputy for the past three years. 

Community engagement has been my priority while dealing with issues arising from Covid and Brexit. Being inclusive of everyone in our Jersey community has been at the heart of my work and will continue to be so. 

Our island is affected by global events, so I will continue to respond to our changing needs with new and practical solutions. 

Housing, the cost of living, population, health and education are significant challenges for the future. The Assembly will have to address these head-on, find and agree on sustainable solutions. 

Ever since entering the States, my aim has been to help build a fairer society. Working towards this as an independent Member and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, I have challenged Government decisions, raised questions, supported local residents,  brought forward propositions and amendments. 

Within the Parish of St Helier, I have 

  • Supported parishioners in matters relating to the new hospital project.
  • Ensured a 50% open allocation of affordable housing built in country parishes regardless of parish connections.
  • Ensured that the primary schools in St Helier be considered part of infrastructure planning.
  • Created with “Thrive” and volunteers the “Grow” Community field
  • Worked in cooperation with the residential association in developing the First Tower Community hub.
  • Established play area standards for the benefit of children and parents.

My aim as a States member will be to continue to work for a fair deal for St Helier and by seeking  balanced urban development to make the town a great place to live, work and relax. 

Island-wide issues I will focus on if elected: 

Better Government 

  • Tackle the high cost of living by protecting essential living costs.
  • Ensure less goes to waste by spending public money wisely.
  • Diversify the economy by creating and supporting new industries whilst ensuring our existing businesses thrive.

Fairer Society 

  • Make home ownership affordable by finding ways to make such ownership achievable, particularly for younger Islanders.
  • Encourage the development of St Helier by the introduction of neighbourhood enhancement schemes.
  • Provide educational opportunities to enable Islanders of any age to achieve and fulfil their potential.

Future proofing 

  • Pursue sustainability by creating a healthy stable community, a thriving economy and an eco-friendly environment.
  • Deliver food security and affordability by supporting our agricultural community and a greater connection between town and country.
  • Demand a population strategy that finds the balance between our need for skills and labour and our need to protect our natural resources.

I will continue working to reduce waste and inefficiency in the public sector and at the same time ensure that health, education and pensions are properly funded. 

I believe that a successful and flourishing Jersey depends on collective efforts: from a thoughtful and caring government, from the financial contributions and the goodwill of the business sector, from the great work of charities and above all from Islanders themselves. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Therese Joyce Tabb
  2. Paul Le Claire
  3. Colin Lever
  4. Judith Beaumont
  5. Bryan Ian Le Marquand
  6. Magdalena Chmielswska
  7. Michael Nelson De La Haye O.B.E
  8. Michael Peter Tait
  9. Hannah Jane Curnock
  10. Kate Sibcy