Jonathan Channing

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

Standing as an independent with an ambitious manifesto for broad political change, Jonathan hopes to influx new thinking into the States Chamber. Currently working as an Interim Social Value Manager where he is looking at how to better measure and deliver impactful initiatives in the community. Jonathan has created a vision based manifesto focusing on areas of a Vibrant Economy, Prosperous Community and Sustainable Future to get change over the line,

Jonathan’s core commitments in these areas will be:

Rethink of Education

Special Educational Needs (SEN) support has gradually improved within our schools but we are still failing those students who are categorised as “difficult” due to neurological differences. A rethink of our education offering could enable more flexible education for students offering better education outcomes through a paths based approach facilitated by teachers in line with the exam board requirements.

High Value-Residency Charitable Contribution

Creating an additional funding stream for charities through a new charitable contribution tax for incoming High Net-Worth individuals. Working with the government and third sector organisations to enact a charitable contribution clause into the High-Value Residency (2.1.E) agreement which will allow for 2.1.E residents to work with the chosen organisation to direct their contribution towards community causes.

ECO Incentives

Create a world-leading eco incentives program to reward sustainable businesses and sustainable choices. Helping to change behaviours through tax incentives for eco-friendly choices as well as promoting sustainable businesses. This program can be measured and analysed through an app which acts as a dashboard for a more sustainable life in Jersey.

New Construction Methods and shared equity for affordable housing

Emerging construction methods such as prefabricated / flat-pack construction offer us an opportunity to raise the level of affordable homes whilst remaining cost-effective in our approach. Jersey should be world-leading in sustainable homes and sustainable construction methods. This coupled with a shared equity program could offer great potential to help alleviate the housing crisis islanders are facing, ensuring commercial developers play a role by requiring them to earmark a percentage of newly built high rise units in St Helier for shared equity schemes.

Increased access to services

Increasing diagnostic services and support for individuals’ neurological differences to better support the community, enabling people to spring from an even playing field and increasing access to mental health services and building intermediate mental health support initiatives to increase access to support in the interim.

Valuing an ageing demographic

A population policy that understands the challenges and value of our ageing population. A grant-based return to Jersey scheme for university students could encourage younger islanders back to the island to help with our dependency ratio. It will also be important to embrace IoT and hospital to home health care solutions to deliver a better quality of life and not overwhelm the hospital.

Driven by a passion to effect change within society which is notable through all he does, Jonathan is ready to serve his community. Please vote for Jonathan Channing for Deputy of St. Saviour.

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