Julie Wallman

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier Central

My name is Julie Wallman and I am standing as Deputy for St Helier Central.  

I have worked in the creative industry now for over 35 years. I started as a runner and have worked my way up the industry as a script supervisor to now CEO of Green Eye Productions Academy UK and Its sister company is in Jersey.  

I left Jersey at the age of 12, it was not my decision, it was made for me. 

At 18 I left Ireland and went to London with £200 in my pocket, from there I worked as a carer, a role I did from a young age looking after my mother. 

I would apply for creative jobs but got nowhere until a surprise gift was given to me from a client I cared for who gave me a flat in London, rent free. This gave me a chance of focusing on sending out CV’s for opportunities in the creative industry. 

The opportunities came much more quickly when you have accommodation that you don’t have to pay for and you have a very nice post code. 

My career in the creative industry took off quickly and I continued my role as carer still looking after my mother financially until she passed away in 2015. 

I have worked in all sectors of the creative industry. 

I am a BAFTA member.  

I was headhunted to go to Rome to set up one of the first fully digital TV companies in the world, Orbit, Sapienza Rome. My role was to train and give the locals opportunities which I did. I was paid a lot to do this job, but it taught me that everyone has talent if they are given a chance.  

I have continued my work as a carer looking after my father and before that my twin sister who had an accident on a film set.

What life has taught me is that experience comes from ‘doing’ and for those of us who did not get a degree at University, I like to answer in a different way ‘my experience comes from a degree in life’ and from hard work.  

I would love serving the people of St Helier Central with a belief that no matter who you are, where you come from, be yourself and be as good as you can be, follow you path and dreams of a better life to come. 

My areas will be to tackle the social inequalities of this Island, to always be respectful of all cultures and backgrounds and to respect the Island’s countryside and to always remember the role of a Politician if I get in, is to serve the people who voted for me and those who did not, that they are not forgotten. 

Please vote for all Jersey Liberal Conservative and Progress Party candidates in whichever districts they are standing. 


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