Karl Busch

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

Helping Community To Help Itself

Health Our health is our investment to a long socially connected, productive and happy life.

Wealth Financial independence is connected to health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Wellbeing – Social inclusion is an important part of development and when connected with health and wealth it helps provide a quality of life that is a careful balance between all three.

Addressing our strategic plan through community interest – I have run my community interest business ‘Tea Dance Club’ for three years to deliver social inclusion and active ageing whilst also empowering others to do the same. At the height of the pandemic our social enterprise adapted to meet the challenge of supplying internet connectivity, technology workshops and financial crime awareness to those distanced to digital inclusion.

My Objective – As your candidate for St Brelades I am looking to bring a fresh perspective to connecting the dots between health wealth and wellbeing. It is quite often the case that when you come from away it is easier to see opportunity. In this case the opportunity is to connect government with the Jersey island community and deliver the benefit back to you.

Experience – I have held elected office in local government (UK), career in financial services and community interest. I know that investing in people is paramount to securing our future as a civilised, respected, and admired society.

Vision – Our economy is driven by the quality, skillsets, and wellbeing of its population and therefore we need to invest in people, not only in children’s education but to keep investing all the way along through the many stages of adulthood.

  • We need to be able to adapt in a fast-evolving technological world, where the jobs market is continually evolving – with many roles being replaced by some that are yet to exist.
  • We need to create wealth and job opportunity for all generations with particular focus on those close to retirement – needing to work out of necessity and requiring new skills.
  • Vulnerability and Financial crime are a major concern for many of us. The demise of cash means financial inclusion in products and services is increasingly an issue for more and more of us.

Connecting government with community I am a huge advocate of social enterprise (Businesses equally trading for community benefit as for profit). The structure for social enterprise is not yet fully functional in Jersey and not recognised for charitable funding – even though the benefit to community equals that provided by charities. Building on this entrepreneurial aspect from within the community will play a huge part in enabling start up community interest businesses to support our health wealth and wellbeing.

This will be a hurdle, but it will make a big impact on our everyday lives – firstly here in St Brelades and ultimately island wide.

It starts here with community ‘Helping community to help itself’

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Gian Paolo Crolla
  2. Alison Crolla
  3. Grace le Rossignol
  4. Barbara Journeaux
  5. Widukind Werner Toporis
  6. Pauline Kilduff
  7. Suzanne de Ste Croix
  8. Sharon Harmeston
  9. John Harmeston
  10. Eileen Smith-Jones