Ken Addison

Candidate for Deputy St. Clement

Let me introduce myself, I am Ken Addison and I am standing as a Reform Jersey candidate for Deputy of St Clement.  I moved to the Parish in 1983 with my wife Linda and have lived in the same house in Pontorson Lane ever since.  Following my retirement, I have been active in the Parish supporting vulnerable Islanders through the Parish Support Team. I helped found the St. Clement Environment, Infrastructure and Housing Group, which successfully campaigned to protect green fields in the Parish from development. I have assisted Islanders struggling with debt and poverty with budget management via Christians Against Poverty and supported residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor with my therapy-trained dog,” Milo.” 

I am particularly concerned with the following aspects of Parish and Island life: 

Housing: The housing market continues to ‘steam ahead’ leaving many Jersey residents unable to purchase a property of any kind.  Reform Jersey will require private investors to increase the proportion of homes for first time buyers and downsizers over those allocated to buy-to-let investors. 

Reform Jersey will release government-owned land to our affordable housing providers to increase their supply of new homes.  We will change planning rules to require all homes built on publicly owned land to be for first time buyers or affordable housing only.  We will tax homes which are left empty for too long. 

The rental market needs regulation to ensure all properties are fit for purpose with Energy Performance Certificates being introduced.  Contracts between Landlord and Tenants should be standardised with no immediate right of entry except in an emergency.  A tenant’s notice period should reflect their length of tenure.  Reform Jersey will establish a Rent Tribunal to ensure rental properties adhere to the new regulations. 

Environment: The environment will be higher on our list of priorities and detailed investigations into the provision of solar, thermal, wave and wind power need to be undertaken.  Jersey has several resources to become a net exporter of energy. 

Population:  Reform Jersey believes we need a new population policy based on sustainability, opportunity and inclusivity to enable us to protect our environment, economy and quality of life.  We cannot resolve our housing crisis without an effective population policy.  We will seek to end the current population policy and move towards one which will stabilise our population level. 

Income Tax:  Reform Jersey will abolish the “20 means 20” Income Tax calculation and put all taxpayers on the Marginal Relief calculation at a reduced rate of 25%, with all personal income taxpayers being entitled to all of the allowances/reliefs.  This policy will see low-earners protected, middle-earners given a small tax break, and the highest-earners asked to contribute more.  The Treasury confirmed they estimate the changes will produce a net gain of £6 million in tax income.  Finally, it is unreasonable for a Jersey registered company to pay Corporation Tax when a very similar outlet, albeit a foreign registered company, pays no Corporation Tax. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Gillian Richomme
  2. David Dupays
  3. Michael Ovens
  4. Sasha Kirkwood
  5. James McAteer
  6. Charlotte Carr
  7. Christopher Neil
  8. Thomas Kirkbride
  9. Thomas Victor Bunting
  10. Linda Margaret Addison