Kevin Pamplin

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

Dear parishioners, 

It’s been an honour to represent you these past four years as your Parish Deputy of St Saviour, in what has been a period of time that has tested us greatly. But we have endured. 

I return to you now, to ask for your sacred vote once again as your dedicated, free thinking, hardworking, collaborating but independent candidate for the Parish, ready to serve you all. 

With my proven track record representing the parish and, in the Assembly, I’m even more focused, experienced, matched with the energy to challenge and hold those in power to account. So, with no delay, be ready once again to hit the ground running from day one.  

We know what the challenges are for our island, we’ve been talking about them for more than four years! But now with rising inflation and a housing crisis not only making it out of reach for islanders to afford a home, but it’s also becoming out of reach for islanders to even stay and call Jersey their home. What’s stopped us from meeting these challenges is mostly a disconnection of leadership and accountability. We need less self-interests and less division and better “Genuine Jersey” communication. Here is small sample of my manifesto: 


  • Working with the new Constable and Deputies, work to create safer, cleaner, shared road pathways that directly involves parishioners’ input with the schools and colleges
  • Protect again the parish against unjustified overdevelopment in the next Island Plan.
  • Ensure that part of the Education provision for schools includes St Saviour at the heart of it, to once and for all reduce the capacity and waiting lists in our parish primary schools.


  • Mental Health: Build on the outcomes I have led on. Including the construction of a new much-needed acute in-patient facility, improvements to the current facility, better financial investment, and the other needed changes I secured. But waiting lists reduction will be my top priority as well and urgently increase all the schools counselling provision.
  • Dementia: Request through a proposition, that the much-delayed strategy is brought forward as a matter of urgency. Including improved community, patients’ pathways with a review of all mental health capacity laws and the work is, once for all, fully funded.
  • Care model: Ensure that our islands charities are not overburdened and protected as work continues with the Jersey Care model. Bring forward a carers strategy to help the financial and health burden for many of our struggling pensioners. Based on the scrutiny I have led on, seek to establish a local independent board to refocus and monitor performance, costs, deliverability of health care and be publicly held to account.

Other Areas: 

We need to broaden and support our local economy, support the middle class of this island urgently. Education funding improved and ring-fenced. I believe we need to look again at tax and taxing of pensions to find simpler and better ways to support our elderly population. 

 Thank you. 

Please vote Kevin Pamplin for Deputy of St Saviour 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Emelita Robbins
  2. Sophie Jade Walton
  3. Guy Sebastian Dean Walton
  4. Sharon Margaret Ellis
  5. Matthew James Pamplin
  6. Sarah Elizabeth Pamplin
  7. Catherine Margaret Anderson-Wiseman
  8. Emma Brooks
  9. Terence Patrick De La Haye
  10. Diane De La Haye