Kirsten Morel

Candidate for Deputy St. John, St. Lawrence and Trinity

Working for You:
As a Deputy, I have had the privilege of meeting with people like you, islanders young and old and from a range of backgrounds. Your views and feedback have led me to adopt the following priorities: 

Working together gets the best results:
As I stand again for election, I’m doing so on a platform of greater cooperation among States Members so that we can move the island towards a truly sustainable and prosperous future. 

Our Sustainable Island:
Sustainability means that Jersey’s economy thrives whilst in balance with our society and environment.  

  • We must deliver a sustainable and stable population that enables economic growth without the continued people growth. It’s not easy, it will take time but we must get there
  • Delivering affordable, sustainable housing.
    Encouraging modular construction and low-energy properties. I support shared equity schemes and other initiatives to enable islanders to access the housing ladder.
  • Protecting our heritage
    Jersey’s identity and its future depends on the protection and understanding of our heritage. I have worked to protect our rural environment, green fields, our incredible history and our unique language, Jèrriais. I will continue to do so if re-elected.
  • Accessible Healthcare
    Islanders need health and mental health services they can access without having to wait until a crisis. People who care for loved ones need proper support not more bureaucracy, so they can maintain their own lives as they look after others. 

Our prosperous future : 

  • Enterprising Economy
    Jersey must remain an enterprising island, using our creativity and technology to deliver economic growth whilst meeting our carbon targets.  
  • Developing our Talent
    Creating ‘lifelong learning accounts’ will empower each of us to develop the skills we need to enjoy the careers we choose throughout our lives.
  • Encouraging young islanders to become young entrepreneurs by bringing a stronger focus onto entrepreneurial skills, creativity and innovation in schools. 

Our Parishes – The heart of our Island communities: 

Parishes should have the resources to strengthen their role as the foundation of our community. As government demands more from the parishes, it should pay for these services and so provide greater funding to our parish halls. 

I will work to create better bus, pedestrian and cycle access to our parishes. 

Hospital and Healthcare:
Many people are sceptical of the hospital site at Overdale. I am open to reviewing the scale of the development and possibly maintaining some services of Gloucester St but I will not stand for wasting another £50 million.  

Democracy, Transparency, Accountability: 

We should be proud of our democracy bringing together voices from all over our community. By working together, we can rise to the challenges of unsustainable population growth, property and rental prices, and offer a future for our children whilst caring for our elderly and vulnerable. 

I’ve been active as a States Member, asking 406 questions, lodging 23 propositions, 27 amendments and holding government to account on your behalf. If re-elected, I will continue to do so. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Tina Palmer
  2. Kevin Charles Keen
  3. Graham John Hughes
  4. Philip John Rondel
  5. Jill Valerie Keogh
  6. Deborah Louise Rowland
  7. Derrick Ivor Frigot
  8. Carlyle John Hinault
  9. Nancy Kathleen Vautier
  10. Tracey Carter