Lucy Stephenson

Candidate for Deputy St. Mary, St. Ouen and St. Peter

A fresh perspective that’s still proudly Jersey 

It’s time for a reset. A new approach. It’s time for a better kind of government, which puts Islanders at the heart of decisions and makes everyone feel like a valued member of the community. It’s about communication, collaboration, and – what we’ve really been missing – compassion. It’s about common sense.  

Our Island faces many challenges, which have been exacerbated by worldwide events. Others will follow. Housing, population, the cost of living, staff shortages, an underfunded education system and a healthcare structure littered with problems, these are complex matters. Short-term fixes are required, as well as longer-term visions backed by plans for sustainable implementation. 

We need to work together as a community. We need to collaborate. And we need politicians who will listen.  

A JEP journalist for 13 years, I’ve spent my career listening, identifying where we can improve and holding those in power to account. Now it’s time to be part of the solution.  

Delivering a fairer, more positive future for all must start with electing politicians who reflect Islanders and their values, in all their diverse glory. To reach effective decisions they must be committed to collaboration and to positive politics–something as an independent working as part of Better Way 2022 I am. As a voter you can help inspire the change needed.   

Big challenges, bigger opportunities 

Housing: We must balance protecting green space with providing homes. Building more is not the only answer. Let’s be creative, tackle empty properties, consider new taxes and tax breaks and more. We should consider a lodger scheme to provide community homes for temporary workers.  

Education: Previous governments have failed to prioritise education. This needs to change. Let’s agree a vision of a ‘world leading education system’ and set out a funded delivery plan. We must listen to staff – they are valuable experts.  

The economy: Addressing gender imbalance and inclusion is an often overlooked way to help tackle the economic productivity decline and empower workforces. We need a mechanism to monitor population in real-time–a population policy can then follow.  

Cost of living: Let’s speed up the roll-out of school meals, review benefit criteria and consider catch-all options ASAP.  

Accountability and communication: Public trust and confidence in government has never been lower. We must break that cycle, starting with electing ministers who will regain control over their communications. 

Strong communities, working together: Our parishes are the heart of our communities. Let’s create a new forum of district representatives, and update or create parish plans to agree visions we can all work to.  

I will also work towards:  

  • Developing a funding mechanism to extend the mains water network, linking drains in where possible. We all deserve access to safe drinking water. 
  • Creating a fairer and better-funded assisted reproduction service – we are currently failing the around 1 in 6 couples who need fertility treatment to grow their families. This includes same-sex couples and cancer patients.

For more detail visit my website or please get in touch.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Norah Alice Antonia Roberts
  2. Anna Katherine Monica Messervy-Evans
  3. Alexandra Ruddy
  4. Colin Sinclair MacLeod
  5. Malcolm Stephen Lewis
  6. Christopher Martin Edmond
  7. Robert Philip Surcouf
  8. Kristina Louise Dickinson (née Moore)
  9. Hannah Hearne
  10. Stephanie Jane Webb